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This is not only caused by summer months weather! I are actually busy performing a few things, especially Snake EX, along with the FFXV crossover event. This week's real meat and potatoes have the end of writing, so stick to the conclusion, that is EPIC!

At the start of the past week, patch 4.57 was already released on Monday 22nd, bringing many changes and highly anticipated world access options. As developers consentrate on preparing for the event, Patch 4.57 makes some modifications to the spoils in key dungeons and raids. The weekly restrictions on Alphascape Crystalloids, together with weekly limit rewards from your Orbonne Abbey's vault and Mullendeis coins have already been removed! They also made changes in Eureka so it will be slightly profitable. There are a lot of fine changes involved here, navigate to the patch instructions and focus them all (you could possibly already have it!)

Have you commenced your FF14 Gil Crossover event? I only jumped within this week. Not only did I start the quest line, I also attempted to enter the gold disc initially to get my MGP.

I think, I am not much away, but up to now, the quest line has become great. I really like the interaction between Cid and Noctis. This is almost unfortunate, this really is not a perpetual feature from the game.

I left the quest line for a short time and started researching my MGP. You need 200,000 MGP for getting a sweet Regalia mount. I am not sure I will undertake it at my own pace, but I am spending so much time! I started playing Triple Triad, I was a bit hooked... I don't use a card, and I really do not want to buy any cards with my MGP, therefore it is quite contradictory now. Are there any strategies for newbies?

You might want to know what EPIC's news is, the following. I will be attending an exclusive Shadowbringers event inside the coming weeks, becoming one with the first people from the world to Buy FFXIV Gil participate in in the development! The most important thing is how to interview Yoshi-P sound? This will be war and peace event, I will meet and interview Yoshi-P, go for better than this!

I would like to contact you! Do you have inquiries about the extension you would like to answer? Send them my way! Click on my name for you me a PM and do as instructed for your details. I will choose some questions and try to have them to answer. This is an awesome possibility to yell! just what are you looking forward to? Hurry up, time has limitations!

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