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To you, the playerbase, I admit on many occasions I have shouted at my screen, asking Nexon to fix the match and quit pasting patches in, and this and that, and I have also grown mad with them due to the tech Maplestory M problems. But you come to recognize this is simply natural for a game of the size.To the Maple Mobile Mesos staff, thanks for being patient with uswhen we behave like the very immature and irrespectable little brats that we can be.

Ground in some regions aside, the game's art style is the classes, although others are nothing or cliche new, has broken. The music is grand, and without it, the game could be one grindfest. The story, while full of plotholes has come a very long way from it's roots. The game at its heart is extremely different from everything else on the market, and has a special place in my heart though I don't play much anymore.

I've spent a lot of time playing different MMORPGs their cookie-cutter mechanics and all, and it got ironic, really fast. Maplestory didn't for the most part, it kept me playing and entertained for a fantastic. And if I attempted to leave? There was always something. It'll be for Star Planet if I return again, and when I don't I will be here for Maplestory M:P

The main reason I've enjoyed this game buy Maplestory mobile mesos so much, even though I was never really good at it was because it had been enjoyable, fresh, and different. When things in life were too heavy for me to consider, it gave me something to think about and love. The individuals who left this community made their very own because the match was really great and continued it.

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