Ok, as you keep citing Dark Souls from Megaomgchen's blog

Ok, as you keep citing Dark Souls and Fromsoftware matches within this thread, have you done any self enforced challenges like this? Dark Souls is a relatively hard game, but draining it isn't that difficult and has been buy rs3 gold done by countless individuals. Similarly Runescape's'score' are things like 100 percent Telos, 0% Araxxor which pretty much everyone can perform on Legacy let alone a great completely afk Revo++ pub which according to The RS Guy is only 23% dps behind full sweat 4taa complete manual with each switch.

What Black Souls runescape players perform in the very upper end in other hand (no hit runs, speedruns) are equally, if not more annoying, than managing switches and clunky boss mechanisms onto a tick system. It took Otzdarva above a year to have the ability to get a no hit run on Black Souls 2 for example. This Sekiro movie I linked earlier which is just doing a'no hit run' for a single boss, albeit one of the hardest ones, took me 20+ hours of practice before I managed to somewhat always do it without damage (and by'somewhat consistently' I mean like after every 20 tries or something). I imagine in the event that you ever tried a no hit run in Dark Souls you'll likely begin thinking handling a few switches or the clunky movement and ability system on RS3 is measurements less bothersome, even though Souls games are allegedly less clunky.

You can make 30m+ hour Telos performing 10 minute kills with minimum switching and a pretty mediocre rotation, and you don't require any switches beyond a shield to get to 1000 percent enrage (and probably much beyond that) which places you in the top 1 percent of runescape players in terms of greatest enrage. Other than Telos that do not scale up to difficulties can be facerolled over with Revo++ with no issue.

Is the sophistication of top level pvming discouraging? Sure. Should the ability ceiling of the runescape game be lowered like you say? Absolutely not. While skilling and cupping possess concrete achievemnts of an xp amount or a cape on your spine, pvming has less explicit achivements of easiest way to make money on oldschool runescape knowledge and muscle memory which yield various rewards. Like eliminating gear switching, suggesting things and 4taa is nullifying the achievements. Similarly, it wouldn't be fair to imply that maximum cape be removed because you are not maxed. Notice is totally fine as is.

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