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Choosing a name is a very important thing, and nothing is more meaningful than that. In real life, your name represents you, which is the meaning of the signature. This is especially true in WoW Classic, when players want to get information about your character, they will first see your name. If you are in a team, the leader will quickly send combat instructions to each team member by name.

Therefore, it is very important to give your Cheap WOW Classic Gold character a nice or personal name in WoW Classic. This will be your first step to success. Of course, some players will inevitably choose the same name unexpectedly, and then the backward players need to find ways to find a suitable alternative name. The important thing is that this will cause you to waste a lot of time early in the game. Experienced players know that every second in WoW Classic is very precious. ZZWOW is best WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

Blizzard has fully considered this situation. In order to avoid the pressure of rename when the game is officially released, Blizzard decided to open the role creation function to the player in advance. You can enter the game 3 days before August 27 to select your server, race, class and name.

First you need to open the client, and change the version of World of Warcraft to WoW Classic, and then wait for the game client to download and install. When everything is ready, click the play button to enter WoW Classic. After successfully logging in to the game, you will enter the character creation interface. In this step, you can choose the server you want to play and choose the appropriate race and class for your character, and of course, the most important name. The whole process lasts up to 3 days, so you can think repeatedly and choose the one you like the most. When the character is successfully created, you can use the character to enter the game directly after August 27. It is worth noting that if your World of Warcraft subscription expires during this time, your character will disappear, so please check the validity period of your subscription. Now use code "XMAS" to Buy WOW Classic Gold and get 6% discount at ZZWOW, visit and buy the cheapest WOW Classic Gold.

Another point to note is that in order to prevent some players from abusing this feature to grab popular names, during this reservation period, each account can only create up to 3 characters. When WoW Classic is officially released, players can create up to 50 characters. So make an informed choice when using this feature.

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