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World of Warcraft ’s latest expansion, Azeroth, makes all players look forward to it. Blizzard has added a lot of new content to this expansion, such as the new Azeroth Heart necklace and Azerite armor system. Warfront will provide the best gaming experience for players who are keen on large-scale battles.

Blizzard tried to use this mode to highlight the theme of this battle, that is, the endless battle between the Horde and the Alliance to control the Azeroth continent. In fact, if you have already experienced the gameplay in the beta, you will find it provides a good immersive experience for Cheap WOW Classic Gold players, which is exciting and very interesting. Not only that, you will find it much like Blizzard's RTS series of Warcraft. In fact, the only thing players need to worry about is how long this excitement can last. MMOWTS is actually one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

With the first release of the expansion of Battle for Azeroth, the world will only open one Warfront-the battle for the Arathi Highlands in the Eastern Kingdoms. It is worth noting that only players at level 120 can qualify for Warfront. Therefore, players need to complete some newly added tasks in the game to reach the upper limit of the expansion level, which is 120. After that, you can contribute to the war effort of your own faction, including items, gold, and some other resources. When the faction's progress reaches 100%, members of that faction can gain access to Warfront and wait in the queue.

In general, Warfront is a large-scale PvE battle, and the main enemy players face is the NPCs of hostile factions. The whole process will last for nearly a week, in the process, no matter how our fighters perform, they will eventually win and occupy Arathi Highlands. After that, players from the other faction also needed to increase the progress of the war effort to 100% in order to start a new war and recapture Arathi Highlands. Within a week after winning, faction members who control Arathi Highlands will have access to the region's unique world missions and receive various rare rewards.

The biggest highlight of this mode is that players can experience the battle scenes of Warcraft 3 in the game. The difference is that players can only control their own characters, but you can choose to become a farmer of mining or hero to twist the battle. At the beginning, all players entering Warfront will be randomly scattered around the Vanilla WOW Gold map. They need to cut down trees and collect wood, or mine to collect iron. These resources can be used to build bases and various special effects buildings. Of course, in RTS, the most important thing is the military. You can hire soldiers by consuming supplies to launch a large-scale battle of your own.

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