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Your accomplishments are your ONLY if you are a loner with no sense of competitiveness, a solo runescape player that only plays runescape to unlock material, treating it as a linear gameplay. This is why many areas of this MMO have expired. People used to hold contests, there used to be clan cups for pvp skilling and cheap OSRS gold pvm involving teams and clans competing with one another. Most runescape players have been immortalized simply due to achievements that were to see the hiscores and their amazing feats. To some whale that means nothing of course but it was rather popular and also a motive to play runescape for a whole lot of runescape players, a lot greater than the present runescape playerbase.

The enjoyment came from playing runescape and attaining something that held significance for the rest of runescape players, teams and clans. Jagex murdered that, and drove away the competitive runescape players. Is old grandpas and grandmas that have money to throw away for immediate gratification. These people today get a heart attack in the sound of rivalry since they suck at it don't have time to get it would do anything to be"recognized" even though it means throwing cash at jagex. This kind of mindset is and is sad and pathetic exactly what killed a chunk of runescape playerbase. The monetization plans are encouraging these deadbeat runescape players and murdering the runescape playerbase more.

Your suggesting that runescape has anything which could remotely qualify as competitive gambling. And esports as a theory does not map onto mmorpgs. Osrs is currently trying to be applicable in the esports scene using the now defunct Deadman mode which to be fair was decent, but what has done to market competitiveness? Runescape isn't designed with competition in mind, that is why almost all aspects of pvp are dead/memes. Nothing about lamps or mtx changes boring pking on a account is and that is the one thing that could be aggressive in runescape.

DMM has had its success since there has been a demand, which demand came from a portion of community which flourished from content within Runescape. It's been a long running successful tradition in the past within Runescape, and DMM was created as a successor, and took trip. Jagex is moving in this direction, 1 step at a time, however it's just not there. It's correct that RS3 in its current state is simply not can you buy rs gold made for competition which only compliments my comment. Competitive content is king online, Runescape had.Chronicles left and was released to succeed or perish. It obtained no assistance after out there and got very little support to begin with. Any fashion, any genre of game can be released literally by jagex. However, if they do the identical matter with little to no support simply letting it go until it expires, of releasing it, sure it'll die eventually, just like every match on Funorb did well.

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