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Dofus allows everybody to Kamas Dofus Retro have their own experience of Dofus sport, and at a fairly advanced manner. If Flash limits the possibilties of this MMORPG, the Ankama team was cunning to find additional or less direct means of appropriating a personality. The Bourse aux Ogrines helps by making without having to shell out money the store accessible! This feature is, however, double-edged, since the price of makeup is increased, and lootboxes at the form of MysteryBox have appeared. Fortunately, the equipment is sufficiently diversified so that these issues remain minor and the cosmetic category itself represents part of the personalization and this same customization is only a tiny part of Dofus game!

Unity Dofus, Dofus Cube, Dofus 3, Waven or Dofus 3.0 are comparatively recent jobs and it's very easy to become lost by Placing them. Who's who? And which pretends to one day replace Dofus? Response within this report! Dofus is aging, it is no secret, and it is not a surprise dating back to yesterday. Ankama has always sought to draw Dofus' victory to create a spark that was fresh. We can not blame them when we see how Dofus game brings Dofus players, even in recent years. The issue is that for today, nothing has obtained or nearly nothing. Wakfu stays quite small in front of his big brother, Dofus Touch rolls (!) An entirely different market, Krosmaster is Kromaster and Krosmaga... in summary.

Waven appears to be a good candidate with over 35,000 exceptional Dofus players because of his most recent alphabut he does not satisfy the expectations of much more"classic" Dofus players. Waven is simply not Dofus, even though the story is much more complex in detail. In the community, two images circulate In the end of 2016, provoking all needs. Of Dofus in a format... a little more modern! Improved graphics, real 3D, new gameplay, that is how the mad epic of Dofus 3.0, Dofus in another motor begins. Follow well, because we have to notice the 3.0!

The Dofus players spark very fast, until include the TGS a sin: A Dofus 3 (with no.0) are in creation! The confusion is huge, the project being radically different posted! And the reason is simple, Dofus 3, that is now Dofus Cube, then Wakfu Heroes and finally Waven, is NOT Dofus 3.0! Some Dofus players acknowledge then frustrated with Buy Dofus Kamas the direction and for a lot of reasons. Artistic direction too flat because of the portage Mobile, not conservation of the characters or simply umpteenth try to substitute Dofus, Dofus 3 makes skeptics but also attracts new curious, from other games Krosmoz, as Krosmaga or even Wakfu!

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