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The main game itself, however, remains the specific same, by the characters into the game world to the gameplay features -- but the ordinary consumer would have to do a little digging to cheap OSRS gold detect this fact. As you may expect, making Oldschool Runescape vaguely outside for a brand-new game rather than an upgrade was deliberate. "Every week we are putting new content out and major upgrades, but regrettably it means you really have a huge event to yell about," explains Gerhard. "If a person was supposed to play the game now versus six months ago, it is dramatically different -- but we do not get that tent-pole event"

With next-generation technology coming in, and also the Jagex team preparing major interface improvements, audio updates, and user-generated articles, the studio realized something on a larger scale than a regular upgrade was necessary to really get across to players both inside and out the game just how important this upcoming content truly is. "Yes, we could have called it RuneScape Next Age if we wanted to," says Gerhard,"and a portion of my thinking was, for people who haven't played this game in a calendar year, it is going to be night and day.

It is not a completely new game, but it is definitely a new experience." The strategy is to keep the Oldschool Runescape name for a few months, perhaps a year based on how player amounts are looking, then shed the 3 and simply call the game RuneScape again -- similar to what occurred with RuneScape 2 back in 2004. And Gerhard is hoping this will result in"new players coming from, thinking'I'll give it the chance. '''"Worst update ever"Obviously, it is never as straightforward as putting out a new variant of a popular online game and hoping that everything is hunky dory with the existing players.

The fact is that many players hate change, no matter whether it's for the better or not, and will make sure that their voices are very much heard.As I start to suggest to Gerhard which Oldschool Runescape will undoubtedly be hit with this form of immunity, he begins to laugh knowingly. "You're right -- you're really correct," he states. "We've really all got company t-shirts that state'Worst Update Ever' on these. Regardless of can you buy rs gold what you do, somebody will hate it."

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