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Challenge leagues in POE are very interesting content, because these challenge leagues add a lot of new gameplay and mechanics to the original game, as well as unique POE Currency and POE Items. However, the league does not always exist. Only after each new release of the game, players can get a three-month challenge league experience. When the league is over, the player's character will not disappear, but will inherit all the items obtained in the initial game and continue the game.

POE's new developments are not always perfect, and some of them have received a lot of negative reviews in the community. The game experience provided by the Challenge League to Buy POE Currency players greatly affects the impression of players and game media on expansion. Continue reading this article to learn about those Challenge Leagues that have impressed players in the history of POE.

Onslaught: Ignore innovations in mechanisms and rules

This expanded design concept makes Path of Exile and Diablo 3 very similar during this period. The only thing players can do in this challenge league is to continuously improve the character's ability to clean up monsters. The developers introduced some so-called new and unique items in the Challenge League, but their main role is to increase the efficiency of the player to kill the enemy. According to statistics, the average efficiency of players has improved by about 20% in the league.

This league is one of POE's earliest challenge leagues, so it has not made a major breakthrough on the basis of the initial game and lacks substantive content that has a significant impact on the game experience. All the player adjustments to the character are meaningless, it can be said that this is a very boring league. If you feel that certain quests are too difficult for you, or if you want to further improve your combat power to defeat more powerful bosses, then you need a lot of POE Currency to get better gears. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

Harbinger: Excellent map design

During the Harbinger Challenge League, a large number of ghost-like enemies suddenly appeared, and they quickly occupied the Wraeclast continent in a short time. The main task of the player is to kill these monsters to obtain various pieces of POE Currency fragments.

In this challenge league, the efficiency of players to obtain POE Currency is greatly reduced, because all POE Currency and POE Items appear in the form of fragments, using unnecessary clutter in players' stash tabs. But the league still attracted a lot of loyal players, because the development team introduced an excellent Breachhead map and new POE Currency and POE Items. The new currency types allowed players to reroll maps to the same tier, one tier up, or reroll Uniques into another item from the same base.

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