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Challenge League is a very interesting game in POE, and it is only open for a few months at a time. All players need to create a new character and re-collect all the resources they need, which means that there will be no inflation in the challenge league, and the POE Currency and POE Items you get have very high value. Not only that, only in the challenge league, players can get new items introduced in the expansion, including legendary items. Continue reading this article, you will learn about the impressive challenge leagues in the POE Currency history of POE.

Torment: did not meet the expected standard

The Challenge League is somewhat similar to the recently released Delirium League. Players will encounter ghosts in the area. They are the souls of sinners who have been tortured to death. If you try to approach these ghosts, they will run around. They can also be attached to nearby monsters, thereby providing these monsters with more modifiers and making them stronger. Correspondingly, you can get better loot while killing these powerful monsters.

In theory, the league can bring players a good game experience and loot, but in fact players do not get the same happiness as expected, because those ghosts run away too fast, players can basically only lock one target and Keeping track, this causes players to lose a lot of the loot they deserve. In addition, although the modifiers provided by these ghosts can enhance monsters, at the end of the game, these modifiers do not have much impact, and players can still quickly clean up the map. Therefore, many players choose to skip the challenge league, and everyone seems to forget that it once existed in the history of POE. If you feel that certain quests are too difficult for you, or if you want to further improve your combat power to defeat more powerful bosses, then you need a lot of POE Currency to get better gears. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

Breach: Eliminate enemies from different worlds

The Breach League is considered by most players to be one of the most successful challenge leagues in the history of POE. Every challenge league introduced by the developers afterwards attempts to replicate the success of the work, but the results are not satisfactory. The essence of the Breach league is to reduce the difficulty of the game while enhancing the player's sense of accomplishment, which is the main reason why Diablo 2 can be so successful.

The simplification of the game in the Breach League is not simply to reduce the game mechanics, but to make the method of providing players with fun more pure. To put it simply, players will randomly encounter portals to the demonic realm in the area. Players need to go through the POE Exalted Orb portal and fight monsters from the demonic realm, so as to continuously extend the time the realm maintains and get more extra rewards. After the field is maintained for a period of time, the boss will appear. You ca n’t kill the boss, but as long as you do as much damage as possible before the boss escapes, you can get a richer reward.

These monsters drop tons of currency and unique Splinters that can be combined to craft Breachstones, unique Maps that have the player fight a certain boss for new Unique items. It had a great mechanic, impactful Uniques, and demonstrated how beneficial metagame systems can be to the retention rate of a league.

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