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The latest expansion of POE is called Blight, which is the third expansion of the game in 2019. Grinding Gear Games, a developer from New Zealand, tried to use this expansion to provide players with different gameplay than conventional dungeons. The POE introduced a tower defense system for the first time. Not only that, this update has also greatly improved 3 different Ascendancy Classes, and added the traditional hard-core battle to the newly expanded core gameplay of POE. There are some rare POE Currency that are difficult to obtain in the game, but MMOAH can provide you with very good help. You can visit the official website of MMOAH and purchase the corresponding POE Currency or POE Items according to the version of the game you are playing.

The story of the new expansion originated from a brand new species-Blight, which is why this challenge league was named Blight. This kind of fungus organism that is very similar to plants can control the thinking of any living thing, and even deprive them of their lives directly. When monsters are controlled by Blight, they become stronger and crazier, and follow Bligh's growing tendrils to attack new areas. The player's task is to protect the continent. To achieve this goal, the player needs to build various turrets and arrange their positions reasonably to form an effective defensive structure and launch attacks on the tendrils.

Players can build multiple turrets with different abilities. They look similar to totems, except that the turret can be repaired. Some towers can cause a cold effect to reduce the movement speed of monsters, and some turrets can make enemies stun, weaken or even burn. Other turrets do not have the ability to attack the enemy, but they can provide various buffs to make your character stronger.

For old POE players, this feeling of fighting large-scale enemies through defensive structures is unprecedented. Grinding Gear Games released a demo video on the official website. The battle footage is a bit confusing. I cannot clearly describe what happened, but I do look forward to it. After eliminating a Blight's tendrils, players can get the opportunity to open the treasure chest, including unique rewards in various new developments, such as new POE Currency and POE Items, and even legendary items.

Sister Cassia is a key figure in this disaster. Players must rely on the equipment she developed to drain the Blight profession in the area, thus completely preventing the growth of tendrils in the MMOAH area. Sister Cassia can also use oil to enchant your necklaces and other accessories. You can get a variety of different oils randomly during the battle. Collect three copies of the same level of oil and you can exchange it for a higher level of oil at Cassia.

In addition, necromancer, poison assassin, and mine saboteur and other three Ascendancy Classes have been strengthened. Necromancer can now control the behavior of summons through three kinds of support gems; poison assassin can gain powerful power in a short time through the newly added buff Defense and movement capabilities; mine saboteur has gained more ways to control mines.

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