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At the beginning, I want to announce a news that will make all POE players excited. Path of Exile is about to release the next new extension, called Legion, in June. In this expansion, in order to obtain rich and unique rewards, you need to fight the ancient legions. Of course, these armies with unique treasures are not everywhere. You need to explore every corner of the world as much as possible to find black summon stones randomly named everywhere called Timeless Monoliths.

These boulders constantly emit an unknown black breath around them, so as long as you approach them, you can quickly find the specific location of Timeless Monoliths. You can Buy POE Currency puthover your mouse over Timeless Monoliths and click on them to activate the boulders and randomly call out one of the 5 powerful legions from ancient times. When the legion is successfully summoned, all the monsters are frozen and the countdown will start. You need to unlock the monsters and boxes before the countdown ends. When the countdown is over, those unlocked monsters will be resurrected and launch a crazy attack on you.

Some elite soldiers will be hidden in the enemy. You can judge the loot they carry by the icon above them, so as to decide which enemies to fight according to your needs. In general, most of the benefits you can get come from powerful elite monsters, so as much as possible to improve your combat power and kill more elite monsters in order to continue to gain more loot.

Legion enemies also drop items that may be become an Emblem belonging to the Legion. Plank down two or more of those Embers in an exceedingly map device, then you will be ready to enter the Domain of the Timeless Conflict, where all five Legions fight within the infinite war.

Unique Legion jewels, 12 new items, 14 Divination Cards and an early game monster rebalance are all coming, together with new build archetypes. With the Blood and Sand Gladiator archetype you'll use new reservation effects to modify between two different stances that modify existing skills, like transforming Bladestorm into the bleeding Bloodstorm. The fad Berserker can use new attack skills to come up with Rage, a stacking buff that gives attack bonuses and no downside. There are new defensive and mobility skills, too, so it would be time to play with some new builds.

The developers also overhauled the melee system in the Legion expansion. Players can now cancel attack animations to cause damage more quickly and increase the speed of moving skills. Now, all classes can purchase suitable mobile skills at low levels, which greatly improves the player's flexibility and survivability. Not only that, players' melee attacks can now hit multiple enemies at the same time, which makes the melee class as attractive as those popular AOE skill classes. Need more Path of Exile guide? Please visit MMOAH official site, and you can also buy cheap and safe POE Currency or POE Items from them.

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