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The new year will kick off with Ocsar hopefuls like The Revenant wow classic gold hitting Memphis screens, and the Sundance Film Festival debuting the year's crop of indie and arthouse pictures. We'll get to see if the long delayed Western Jane Got a Gun starring Natalie Portman was salvaged after a troubled production.

There no denying it, we are facing an orbital debris problem! As of January 2019, the ESA Space Debris Office estimates that there are at least 34,000 pieces of large debris in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) a combination of dead satellites, spent rocket stages, and other assorted bits of space junk. And with thousands of satellites scheduled to be launched in the next decade, that problem is only going to get worse..

And, from time immemorial or at least since 1996 the core of the Pokemon franchise has lived on the Nintendo handheld hardware. In addition to not being up on their other titles, I am also behind on consoles on every front save one; Nintendo handhelds.

The research questions have been tackled through an in deep ethnographic investigation developed in three long chapters, which lead to theoretical and political outcomes. This work shows that interrogating homelessness in a more than human fashion a world of multiples subjects emerges, with various attitudes, capabilities, relational and affective characterizations.

Yes, most situations aren a lynching, but on the flipside, if hundreds of thousands of people happily attended lynchings let alone all the genocidal times and places in the rest of the world and history is it really hard to believe that many millions of people are ok with the much lesser offense of being part of a crowd of assholes? Sometimes you really are around lots of assholes. It the human condition..

Siberian Strike: Anyone familiar with the arcade classic 1942 should love this Gameloft title. It a top down arcade shoot up that perfectly playable on the iPhone touch screen. Seibert pleaded guilty to downloading the photos but opted for a trial on charges of enticing each of the young women to send the photos. He speculated they wouldn't show up to testify against him, according to Labor's sentencing memorandum.

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