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Rockets League has been more than a year, but the game is always changing and updating thanks DLC added by the developer Psyonix. Recently, the game has entered a new phase, shifting many of the game's core foundation raised last year. This included a new box system, as new rare items for players to get together numerous. However, these things can be purchased just like any other new projects. Instead, they have to win. Although a lot of luck, we put together on how to get the crates and rocket League rare items in this guide.

I just want to reiterate Rocket League Items before the explosion, a lot of this is luck. You see, every time you complete a race rocket league, random chance that it receives project or crate, and inside, there is another random chance, it will be a rare item. The short answer to how to get crates of rare items and rocket-league problem is very simple to play more games. However, there have been some discoveries, will you get the things you want a better chance.


According to a more scientific study players who did and rare loot in the box, it is running a hidden timer to determine when you will get dropped. In fact while playing the game timer runs only, so the menu does not sit by to help, at least not a lot (more on this later). Overtime does not count press, so try as soon as the end of those games, and do not think it will win a box of Linger sooner you fall in OT. According to www.mmobc.com most assessments obtained average game time spent between boxes and items falling for about two hours, which is a rare item or crate is a rare opportunity to drop that particular project.

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