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What is there to do in RuneScape? Well, since everything is completely up to the player there is numerous activities one can enjoy. Players can fight monsters, train up skills, create their own armor, trade items, do quests that give rewards, enter mini-games and even do PvP if they are feeling game enough. Since RuneScape was rolled back to the 2007 age of the game, Jagex implemented a democratic update system to ensure updates that aren't wanted by the community aren't added to the game. Each major update must pass a required 75% approval rating from the community poll system before it is added to the live game, this ensures the that the community is building the game that they want to see in the future.

If you are already familiar with RuneScape, there has been much more content added to the game over the 5.5 years of updates. Above you can see the map which showcases the original games land mass and then what Jagex has added/adding to www.lolga.com the live game. Jagex has also equipped some of those skills that were mind numbingly boring, such as mining or agility, with mini-games like Blast Mine or Roof Top Agility. This decision has made these skills much more interesting for players and now many more players are inclined to train skills they once weren't considering.

At the moment, there is a peak of anywhere between 60,000-80,000 players, on average the game will float between 50,000-60,000 players. Jagex is also bringing out the mobile edition at the end of this month, which will mean Scapers can really live up to the "no exp" waste. If Rocket League Items are thinking about checking out Old School RuneScape there is free-to-play available, a members option is also available for those that want access to members content. Visit the official Old School RuneScape website here.

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