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Is the end of OSRS gold all botting in RuneScape? Yes. I am confident that you won't understand the return of big bot clients to RuneScape, which the few of straightforward'auto-clickers' and'screen-scrapers' that remain will be dealt with very soon. Another bot site says they will be up shortly; why shouldn't we believe them? Another bot sites out there may assert for a little longer they will fix their bots within the upcoming few days or weeks: Had I made a decision to launch RSBuddy 1.5 to the general public, it would have required another overhaul just a couple of days later. The simple fact that no additional botting sites had any update ready by the end of the week demonstrates just how exceedingly far behind they are. Do not hold your breath.

I understand another massive MMO that hasn't coped with bots; what makes RuneScape distinct? Removing bots from the game necessitates both commercial investment and also the time of talented developers with different updates to operate on. I have not seen any other company prepared to take that hit; it needs a massive amount of attention for your game we're here for. I used RSBuddy in my account, am I going to be banned? The information we've got on customers and users is confidential and won't be used to prohibit any accounts. We hope that you have come to understand why botting has no place in the game and take this opportunity to become part of the RuneScape community.

I purchased a superior script, am I eligible for a refund? If you purchased a script within 7 days of the upgrade last Tuesday we will gladly refund your purchase online request. Info on subscription changes can be obtained on our subscriptions page.

This really is the end for bots, not for you! It is not only you that does not have a bot customer to use. RuneScape is a social game for people to playwith. If you feel that there was anything botting did to Old School RuneScape Gold keep you interested in the game, please join the conversation of what upgrades would remove any need for them.

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