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Many gamers do not realize the amount of console sales which take place is rather high just for the particular purpose to Mut 21 coins play one or two annualized franchises. For the person who buys two games a year such as Madden and NBA2K every calendar year, $60x2 for your hours and hours of time put into those matches, the value is super large. The populace of people who fall within that category are not on r/Games complaining about microtransactions and shit like this. They most likely don't even possess a reddit account. It is not a knock on them, it's just the way things happen.

I watched a meeting for one of the earlier call of responsibility annualized games (such as modern warfare 3 or more so), and also the developers essentially said that normal players (the ones who play halo,killzone, battlefieldalong with other shooters) do not buy call of duty games. The majority of folks who play call of duty will only buy Cod and a sports match. And they will do so religiously every year. I've discovered this subset referred to as Brogamers--kind of the antithesis to those that only play The Sims/Animal Crossing but in the long run it's a similar spending pattern. Entirely agree with you and that interview from way back in the afternoon (individual time is flying ). Bro have you played a Madden game recently? They are fucking terrible! Same engine as they used on PS3, however the game has less features and more bugs than it did 15 years ago. It's objectively a terribly made game.

The madden criticism which surfaced has nothing to do with your comment. Its an increasing group of people who wish to play a good football match, but Ea keeps selling them exactly the exact same game without upgrading the engine. This group wants the nfl to give out several cases of likeness rights or offer them exclusively to a different firm that would hopefully create a better match. Not surprising. That is the reason why EA doesn't have to bother ever enhancing anything in the majority of their manners or fixing any bugs that have been there for several years. People will buy it regardless and whales will dump a lot of money into MUT. 2k has similar troubles and the microtransaction material is gross but in least which has good gameplay and top tier demonstration and they still add a bit more effort. Sports game just have a completely different demographics to matches such as Witcher 3 and CIV.

If anything this shows you why they released a broken item. The men and women who buy do not read/care exactly what the internet thinks. Disappointed in the sports community but honestly. . .where else could they go if this is their only option? The majority of the sports enthusiast don't read reviews before they buy. A lot of them literally only play that game for the whole year. It is the Exact Same for FIFA. Imagine if Fromsoftware made a half-baked Souls game. The fans would still purchase it because buy Madden 21 coins it's still a Souls match. Makes sense if you think of it that way. I mean, I played New Super Mario Bros 2. It's like three hours long and nothing about it's distinctive from all of the other New Super Mario Bros. games. Yet, I purchased it, and so did not millions of different players.

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