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One of my best friends got OSRS gold a kidney infection when we were in highschool. He came years afterwards and said that it was since he held his stink in for too long because he didn't need to eliminate RuneScape as we were so competitive.

I remember in the ancient magiks pursuit, one of the bothersome directors whiffed the shit outta me and that I got ancients at a vastly lower level than most others.

Mate, you did Monkey Madness at 11? Absolute chad. I couldn't even deal with that at 22. I recall grinding out dungeoneering to acquire the extent for your bow. Soo much wasted effort. Can't recall the title, but I know I did it.It's clips out of my friends RuneScape animations Here he leaves them on a program on his own iPhone I'm not sure I will ask him. It's a drawing program he just attracts tens of thousands of drawings and edits all the pictures on a different editing app I gave a couple of ranar bros vids a watch and my key feedback for them would be to work a bit on the dialogue. The animation is fantastic.

Yeah this is just the beginning of his animation career. He is currently editing them onto a phone app in addition to Buy Rs gold drawing them on a telephone so once he learns an actual editing software it can help tremendously! But I can see the potential he has and I think if he keeps at it he can produce some incredible animations

Yeah audio is just another skill that requires time and skill but I think that it will arrive!

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