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Congratulations! Additionally, I met my GF on gold wow classic, she was supposed to relocate to my state but COVID restrictions are keeping us apart for today. Super cute idea to draw the portrait from the way! I wish I could draw haha.

 As a female who plays with a bald orc with pigtails - if attracted, I'd want a full head of hair, so I actually love that you attracted her as what she is - the cutest undead ever!

You drew the characters with personality and personality. You drew her as everything you see as and I Believe that's lovely and that you did an Extraordinary husband and I will be together 12+ years now after meeting WoWThe point of this fast patch is so people may dismiss it for a week while all the griefers squander their time and eventually get bored by it.Then you can finally go there and do it.

It is okay, the people who do this all day have mental illnesses that prevent them from focusing on one thing for buy wow classic gold too long, they'll get distracted by something else before you actually need to turn in the quest.

Without this being available beforehand, it will still be a warfare zone/disaster place as everyone flooding LHC to attempt to pick up that.If they don't, they will be able to turn in any T3 bits or find the follow up frost withstand ring/pants quests until week 2/3.

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