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Looking at their track record at OSRS gold developing games other than runescape, I'd like them to remain a onetrick pony.

In fact, even runescape's own track record isn't too great.

I'm not familiar with IFRS but I would guess that sold bonds work sorta like gift cards, which I vaguely remember the best way to await lol. All sold bonds are prolly put into a deferred revenue account until they can be matched together being redeemed, all of the while aging the payable amount that's the redemption price.

 You are not adding additional income, merchandise at 2.6m and advertising revenue at 225k. Add them into the RS3 & OSRS amounts and it makes sense.

In addition to this branchout, both the years had 3 DXP events but 2019 had just one extended over a 10 day period. It is very interesting that the huge boom in OSRS population did little to stop the decrease of MTX revenue; I'm inclined to think that 2019 was way, far worse for Cheap Rs gold's MTX compared to stats (and the document) state .

OSRS is of course doing gangbusters. No surprise there, the game's been doing amazingly well and everyone knows it.

I would recommend getting cautious, however; I recall a few months ago there were rumors that the bigwigs were starting to seem to OSRS as the future due to the financials, and this sort of information would actually encourage that talk.

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