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Some people respond that it's always difficult to passion a woman's desire in sex. After arousing her desire, their sexual desire has fallen. In fact, as long as we find the sensitive points of women, and then slowly start flirting, we can stimulate her sexual desire at a high speed. Can also improve the quality of sexual life So what should we do?

Kiss her face, eyes, mouth, nose and ears

Women like to kiss. Try changing the intensity (softer at first, warmer then softer). After kissing her lips, kiss her cheeks, eyelids, forehead, nose, neck and earlobes. If you don't let your hands "wander" for a few minutes during a kiss (focusing on the kiss) and you're waiting for her to send a ready signal, the effect is even better. Appropriate use of sex toy and sex doll can also ignite sexual desire.

Playing with her hair

Have you ever noticed that many women like to play with their hair? They do it because it makes them feel good, and probably she wants you to play with it, too. The scalp is very sensitive to stimulation, and she may not expect you to visit here at all, so this move will definitely surprise her. Combing her hair can give her a very emotional experience. You can also kiss her with your fingers through her hair, or just rub her scalp with your hands. Washing her hair or blowing it dry (regardless of the hair style, you can never make her satisfied), are all good ways to enhance her feeling.

Rub her breasts

Breasts are the sexy areas most men are familiar with, so you're not likely to ignore them. The mistake you're more likely to make is toying with them too much (or too much) before she's ready. Too much stimulation may cause numbness or pain in the breast during a certain period of the menstrual cycle. Try the "less and more refined" approach: gently touch her breasts, apply women's pleasure enhancer to her breasts, and then move your hands away, leaving time for her to move. Remember, the whole breast is covered with nerve endings, so you can make the nipple stand up by stimulating parts outside the nipple.

Massage her waist

If you let her lie on the bed (or you) and massage her back waist, it will bring her unexpected happiness. It also has a lot of nerve endings, and it's the part that bears a lot of pressure, which can make her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Not only that, but it also helps sexual arousal. Because massage promotes blood circulation and pelvic congestion. At the beginning, use your fingertips to press steadily and moderately. If she likes it, she can add some strength. Kissing this part is also a good way.

Open up new areas

This is where you can innovate. Gently kiss the socket of her knee, the inside of her arms, the inside of her thighs, or the socket of her neck. Women like to let you touch, kiss, lick or blow these parts. How sexy it is to lick the inside of your arm with your tongue. This is a wonderful feeling only in novels. And once you focus on these areas, the pace of things will relax - which is also very helpful to her.

Knead her hips

Many women also like men paying attention to this area - perhaps more than you think. For this part, you can work harder, without having to be as careful with your breasts. You can knead or press. A stroke from the back of the back to the hips will achieve better results.

vivian nu

The cheapest and natural Viagra is to get plenty of sunshine. Because the level of testosterone in human blood will rise with the increase of vitamin D content in the body. More sunlight can increase vitamin D content in the body

Researchers at Graz Medical University in Austria found that men with at least 30 ng of vitamin D per ml of blood had significantly higher levels of testosterone than those with vitamin D levels lower than 30 ng per ml of blood. Their quality of sexual life is also much higher. It is understood that 30 ng of vitamin D per ml of blood is the normal level, and 40-60 ng of vitamin D per ml of blood is the best. Under ultraviolet irradiation, 90% of vitamin D in the body is produced by the skin.

Studies have shown that the level of testosterone in the body changes with the fluctuation of vitamin D content. After the fall of October every year, the levels of vitamin D and testosterone in the human body will decrease synchronously, and they will be the lowest in March next year. This is because people spend less time outside the home and have less chance to get in the sun. The study also reconfirmed that exposure to the sun for one hour a day increased testosterone by 69%.

Bland, spokesman of Rizhao Research Forum in the Netherlands, said: "if people can ensure sufficient vitamin D level in the body, it will help stabilize testosterone content and maintain a high level of sexual desire. The findings have a greater impact on men. A study from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands found that serotonin, known as "happiness hormone", is a pleasant neurotransmitter, whose level and activity determine whether sex lasts or not. According to psychiatrist marcel, studies have shown that the serotonin in men with premature ejaculation is inactive and secreted less. But if these men were stimulated with light, they could increase the secretion of serotonin. In addition to increasing vitamin D content, proper use of sex toyand sex doll can also improve the quality of sexual life.

Dr. Simon of McGill University in Canada pointed out that going out to the outdoors and more sun exposure can improve the level of serotonin in the brain. Even in overcast days, the natural light received by the human body can enhance the effect of serotonin. The effect of "helpfulness" is the best. The United States has also developed a special lamp, which can emit light waves similar to sunlight.

Tryptophan is a key component of serotonin. Increasing the intake of this component can also indirectly enhance the effect of serotonin. The tryptophan content in Turkey and banana is very high. You can eat some in moderation.

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This is a question that many men are confused and biased about. In fact, women's vagina is a very inclusive organ, which can accommodate the delivery of a baby. Sexologists found that the clitoris of women is the most sensitive organ, followed by the vagina mouth, including the size of the labia, and the vagina's neural receptors are mainly concentrated in the outer 1 / 3, Therefore, in terms of sexual pleasure, the penis is not necessarily the bigger the better. The larger the penis makes women feel local pain much higher than the normal size of the penis.

Length of sexual activity

Although the short-term sexual behavior often can not make sexual lifefully satisfied, but the sexual behavior is not the longer the better, the key is to make the woman have enough time to start sexual desire. If the woman starts to have sex without sufficient preparation, the response of the woman is cold no matter how long the sex takes, and the orgasm can't be achieved in 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even longer; however, if the preparation is sufficient and the sexual excitement is high, most of the women can reach the orgasm in 1.5-5 minutes after the sex. Generally speaking, the whole time of sexual behavior is 10-20 minutes, which can satisfy most men and women. Too long time of sexual behavior often makes people feel tired, local sensitivity reduced, even tired and tired to deal with. Of course, there are great individual differences in this respect. Use sex toyand sex doll if you want to prolong sex.

The importance of female orgasm

Although orgasm can bring great happiness and satisfaction to women, it is not necessary. For the vast majority of women, there is no orgasm in the first period of sexual life, and a strong sexual excitement will make them feel satisfied, which is "sexual satisfaction without orgasm". At this time, they have the moisture of sexual organs and the release of physical tension and spiritual satisfaction. Many sexologists think that if women can reach orgasm 5 to 7 times in 10 times of sexual life, it is quite good.

Sexual problems in conversation between couples

The problem of conversational sex between husband and wife depends on the attitude and way of conversation. If the conversation becomes a quarrel, it is not conducive to the solution of the problem and seriously affects the intimate relationship between the two sides. When the husband and wife communicate with each other on sexual issues, they should take a positive, enthusiastic and sincere attitude; at the same time, they should speak in a proper way, and if necessary, they should be implicit and euphemistic; during the conversation, they should pay attention to listening to each other's opinions, respect each other's wishes, and express their sexual requirements that can't be imposed on others, and they can't do the things that each other is reluctant to do. Love between two sexes is not only a kind of demand, but also a kind of dedication. Both sides should choose and choose in their sexual behavior. When you master the principles of these sexual behaviors, talking about sexual issues between husband and wife can enhance their emotions.

vivian nu

Do you know that some of your daily life habits may be the culprit of your sexual dysfunction? It can affect your sexual life. Let's see what habits do harm to your body that we don't know yet!

No.1  soft sofa

Medical research has found that if you sit on a soft sofa for a long time, it will cause serious damage to the male scrotal belt. Because the normal sitting posture is to use the pelvis as the fulcrum, and the scrotum is "stable" between the two legs, but when you sit on the soft sofa, the fulcrum will sink, so the legs will not consciously clamp, so that the scrotum is compressed, blocking the blood flow. In this way, toxic substances released by testicles will accumulate in the body, which will have a great impact on testicular health. In addition, the supply of nutrients is also interrupted, and the function of testis secreting testosterone is weakened. How can spermatozoa "effectively produce"? Therefore, remember that soft sofa should not be sedentary. Using sex toysand sex dolls occasionally can improve your sexual performance

No.2  Fitness Bike

When a man goes to the gym, healthy cycling is the first choice for many people, but don't think that the longer you step on it, the healthier your body will be, because too long time will cause problems such as abrasion, stones, and even swelling of the seminal vesicles, which will affect your sexual function. The main reason is that the problem is on the bicycle stool. Because the car stool is not only hard, but also protruding in front, when men trample on it, they will often touch the scrotum, and long-term collision will not only damage the nerves and soften the scrotum, but also expand the seminal vesicle and testicular network. The most serious reason is that the blood circulation is affected, the penile blood supply is insufficient, and the erectile function will be affected.

No.3  Heavy metal

It is believed that we are not new to this killer of sexual function, because heavy metals not only have an impact on sexual function, but also have serious harm to health, especially lead, mercury and cadmium have the greatest impact on sexual function. When the body ingests excessive lead, it will penetrate into semen or eggs and store them, which will affect the secretion of reproductive hormones, resulting in the reduction of sperm number, deformity, and the reduction of pregnancy. Mercury can cause problems such as decreased libido and inactivity, which, if serious, can make men infertile. Cadmium can affect sex hormone to secrete, cause damage to liver and kidney, how can have sexual interest again?

No. 4  Cigarettes

"Smoking is harmful to health" also has negative effects on sexual desire. The reason for the decrease of sexual desire caused by smoking lies in the fact that the harmful substances contained in cigarettes can harden the blood vessels, hinder the blood circulation, and may not lift. Even if good luck is not such a phenomenon, medical research also points out that smoking also has an impact on the penis, which will make it not straight and crooked, affecting the normal running room. For women, smoking has an impact on menstrual stability, so it's better to smoke less.


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In your sexual life, There are many different ways to express love. According to the Indian Times recently, a little more laughter can make the bedroom full of humor, more can ignite sex, enhance pleasure.

Dr. punocassi gautari, a famous sexologist in India, said that if you find sex boring, you should add some different feelings to sex. "You can use drugs, sex toys, sex dolls, etc. to enhance your libido, and hope that you can stimulate your body's sexual attraction in a depressed state through healthy laughter."

Some studies have shown that telling jokes about sex can reduce psychological pressure and stir up emotional waves. Before two people in love have intimate behaviors, a happy smile or laugh can lead to positive emotions and resonate. Shermila Gupta, a media worker who has just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary, said that laughter helps to draw each other's hearts closer and arouses their excitement when they are intimate with their partners.

For many couples, playing jokes about sex from time to time, talking about their little embarrassment in intimacy, choosing a nickname for their partner only when they have sex, or watching comedies related to gender awareness and cognition are all helpful to relax their mood, make people laugh and make each other enjoy sex more happily.

In addition, the study found that men can extend the time of sexual love by sunbathing for one hour a day. Psychiatrist Marcel pointed out that some studies showed that the serotonin in men with premature ejaculation was not active and secreted less. But if these men were stimulated with light, they could increase the secretion of serotonin.

Dr. Simon of McGill University in Canada pointed out that going out to the outdoors and more sun exposure can improve the level of serotonin in the brain. Even in overcast days, the natural light received by the human body can enhance the effect of serotonin. The effect of "helpfulness" is the best. The United States has also developed a special lamp, which can emit light waves similar to sunlight.

Tryptophan is a key component of serotonin. Increasing the intake of this component can also indirectly enhance the effect of serotonin. The tryptophan content in Turkey and banana is very high. You can eat some in moderation.

vivian nu

1. Express your ideas directly to girls: Greek sexologist Niki Haya said that although women express their feelings euphemistically, they all like direct men, so expressing love directly to her can improve the success rate. Helen Fisher, a professor of sexology at Rutgers University in New Jersey, further pointed out that men should keep confident posture in front of women. When sitting, keep an open posture, legs apart, head up, chest out, straight back. Stand with your shoulders toward the woman and turn your head toward the person you are talking to. This is also a kind of self-confidence in their sexual ability. In addition, mimicking certain actions of a woman can also signal your interest in her, for example, when she drinks a drink, you also take a sip.

2. When sending out an invitation to have sex, it should be natural and can't help it: This is the advice given by Emily dubley, a British sexologist. When sending out an invitation to a female partner, it's better not to be too intentional. For example, after a affectionate kiss, say to her, "you really suck me, let's go to the bedroom to have a intimate relationship." In this way, it's all natural. Women don't think that men only think about sex. So you can have a good sexual lifeand sex toy can be used appropriately to add fun.

3. When you have sex, don't go straight to the subject. Foreplay is like investment. The earlier you start, the more you will gain: PAM sperr said, "foreplay is the only way for a woman to reach orgasm." Pay attention to the details of the foreplay: South African sexologist Caroline Herry points out that when you have sex, don't go straight to the subject, try to touch her hair when you kiss your partner, exhale in her ear, or gently kiss her eyelids. For women, gentleness and consideration are the most important factors.

4. Awaken all her senses (breath, voice, touch): according to the survey, 30% of men hope to capture women's body and mind better and faster. The secret to this is to try something that will activate at least three senses at a time. According to Marta, an Italian sexologist, this requires men to make full use of breath, taste and voice. Sonia Pereira dukey, a clinical psychologist in Lisbon, suggests holding your partner in your arms as you approach a mirror so she can see you kissing and caressing her all over. Or play her favorite record, spray her favorite perfume in the bedroom, put some fruit or chocolate on the head of the bed. Sex toys are also a good choice.

There is also a tried and true way: make spa for her. When the warm water flows on her head, gently scratch her scalp with the fingertips, which can release oxytocin in her body and help deepen the emotional connection.

vivian nu

When men and women first met, it was the role of charm and attraction, the impact of hormones, which made them from acquaintance to love. Women are fascinated by men's looks first. In addition, some characteristics of men can also fascinate women after a long time together. So what are the characteristics of men who addict women?

1. Understand girl's psychology: girls always want to be a princess and not be hurt. Once a man takes care of them and loves them in all possible ways, they will feel that they are the happiest women in the world, and they will also be fascinated by these men. Use a sex doll or sex toy to make your sex life more enjoyable.

2. Be gentle with women: men need to be brave and powerful. If a man can treat his woman gently, she will be happier than she imagined. Every night, she wants to snuggle up in his broad and warm arms, sleep sweetly and wake up naturally.

3. Show hegemony when appropriate: men know how to love women, strong men can show gentleness, which may make women feel infatuated, but when a man shows the autocratic president's style at the right time, it will make women more infatuated, because it can give women a certain sense of security. Of course, such hegemony must be reasonable and displayed at an appropriate time.

4. Know how to create a good life: two people together for a long time, will inevitably produce a sense of boredom, once tired, two people's feelings will go wrong. However, some men don't let their love be dull, so they will create some romantic festivals and atmosphere. They will give gifts to women. If there is no gift, they will get blessings. There will be surprises from time to time. Women like this feeling most, which is always unexpected. Sexual life also needs to be good.

5. Understanding tolerance: due to physiological reasons, women sometimes have some unreasonable emotions, when these emotions vent, men may suffer. If men can understand this, it's because of women's physiological functions. If they can understand and tolerate it, then women will appreciate them.

6. Have a sense of humor: if a person has a more optimistic attitude towards life, then there must be some humor temperament. If a man has a sense of humor, he often tells humorous jokes to make his women happy. Such men and women like him very much. They must want to be with him all the time and think of him when they are upset.

When a man has these characteristics, or one or two of them, women will be attracted by these characteristics, because these characteristics are what women like and pursue. If men don't have any of the above characteristics, then from now on, they must cultivate their own characteristics, so as to win women's infatuation and love more easily.

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I hear you like fat girls, with round boobs and big hips like this,So do you like girls with short hair?

sex doll

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In sexual diseases, although being single or have no sexual life is not a disease and does not need medical treatment, but you should think about whether you have been single for too long if you find the following symptoms

Signal 1: shy in front of the opposite sex. The best explanation for why you don't associate with the opposite sex is that you don't know how to deal with yourself in front of them. When you look at them and they find your gaze, you feel that you are not pleasing them, but repelling them. When you have just been with a member of the opposite sex for a while, you end the relationship in some bizarre way.

Signal 2: found that all the opposite sex had problems. Maybe you are afraid of pursuing the opposite sex, even more afraid of pursuing the opposite sex. Being single for too long can become overly critical. You can find faults in every other person around you. Even if you are a man of excellent conduct, you can be critical: you don't have good taste in clothes, you have big pores, you don't like to watch entertainment news, and you can save money

Signal 3: indulge in love soap opera: your biggest entertainment is love soap opera. Fantasize oneself is female one, have perfect love ending. It's time to adjust your preferences.

Signal 4: The hope is that technology will bring lifelong companionship. You give up the idea of finding a real heterosexual partner and hope that the world's advanced science and technology can bring you a partner. You are interested in every aspect of bioengineering.

There are other potential signs, of course. There is no doubt that it is a good choice to have sex dolls as partners. You should realize clearly that you can't go on like this.

Signal 5: girls will become strong women. Single for a long time, will become more and more independent, become a strong woman. All the details of life should be blocked by yourself. Even sexual partners are just sex toys. As time goes by, you start to be like a man, which is enough to make any opposite sex turn away from you.

Signal 6: live in the delusion that all members of the opposite sex love you. Unfortunately, fantasize that all the opposite sex favor themselves. Every ordinary interaction with the opposite sex is given a special meaning by you.

Signal 7: people thought you were gay. You never linger around the opposite sex, or show interest in them, only get along well with the same sex, so people think you have different sexual orientation.

vivian nu

The disharmony of sexual life is easy to cause many couples unhappy, so how to solve this problem when feeling that sexual life is not perfect? Instead of sitting there and dreaming about having a perfect sexual life, it's better to take some practical actions to truly make your sexual life perfect and enjoy it. For example, it's a good way to give each other a gentle caress when having sex. To learn more about sex skills, check out the article below.

1. Sex has "priority": couples should learn to balance work and life needs. If busy work delays sex, it's not worth it. When there's a conflict between sex and other things, "sex first" can be a surprise. Don't worry too much about the number of times you have sex, and don't always think that sex is a responsibility and obligation. Put your heart and soul into it. You will feel that life is better because of sex. Singles can choose a sex doll as a companion.

2. Both men and women should learn to masturbate: masturbation is an old topic, but there are still many "novices" who don't know enough about it. Women don't have to be shy and men don't have to worry too much. Masturbation is the best foreplay, helping each other, not only to boost the fun, but also to help each other understand. Masturbation as a foreplay, especially in front of each other, or to help the other half masturbate, can play a very good helping role. Sex toys can be used to spice sex up.

3. Fully understand the sensitive points of each other: know yourself and your partner. Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you win every battle. We should understand each other from psychological and physiological aspects, especially for the sensitive points of both sides, so as to grasp the key points in sexual life and create pleasure. We should also correctly understand the influence of age change on sexual function and dispel our concerns. Encourage each other, keep exploring and trying.

4. Don't be a "silent lamb": sex needs voice. Silence is the biggest killer of marriage and emotion. Sexual love needs beautiful voice to stimulate: the love words in the ear, groans in the passion, can make sexual love more perfect. At the same time, husband and wife should step in step, not simply pursue skills, everyone has a unique place, to spare no effort to stimulate every sensitive area.

5. Focus on enjoying sex: adjust your mind and let go of your worries. The most important sex organ of human body is brain. Let go of all the worries in your mind and focus on sexual love, and your body will get more pleasure than ever before.

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