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The NHL season is divided into two parts. One is a regular match according to a pre-determined schedule. The other is a four-game winning four-game playoffs. The team who won the playoffs in the final round wins the Stein Lee Cup champion NHL Coins. The previous season was a 2006-2007 regular season and culminated in the 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs.

In the regular season, each team will play 82 games; 41 games at home, 41 away games. From the regular season 2005-2006 season, each team will play 32 games with the teams in the division, 40 games with different divisions in the same league, and 10 games across the West or East league. Each year, two divisions across the West or Eastern Union will take turns, similar to the cross-league game of Major League Baseball.

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Tampa Bay Lightning is a team of the United States National Hockey League (NHL) and is affiliated to the Southeast Division of East Region. Located in Tampa, Florida. The Tampa Bay Lightning team was established in 1992; in the 11 years prior to the 2002-2003 season, the team has been lacking ideals NHL Coins and only once made it to the playoffs.

The 2002-2003 season was a turning point for the team. As young players matured, the team played unexpectedly and won the first Stanley Cup in 2003-2004. After the ups and downs in the following seasons, they re-entered the Eastern Conference Finals last season and lost 3:4 to the Boston Bruins, which finally won the championship.

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In the early morning, as usual, pick up the phone and browse the news feeds of major media. Suddenly a message popped up that made me squat. Eric Karlsson lost their unborn son

Just recently, Carlsson also posted on his social media, looking forward to the arrival of his first child with his wife in the spring. However, this sudden turn of events has shattered all good visions and kept them in memory. We cannot try to imagine Carlsson's appearance when he learned of the news, but it must be a kind of painful expression. Maybe we haven't had such an experience before, but everyone has experienced similar experiences with tears, desperation, and pain. Carlsson did not appear in the evening of the Senate match against the Jaguar. He left the team and returned home. Maybe he will miss the remaining games of the Senators season, but believe that both the team and the fans will support him at this moment. Decision.

In the first half of the season, Carlsson also missed the senator's game because of injury. The reason for the injury was from last season's playoffs. Two Carlsson selections with fractured heels and ankle injury were selected. With injuries, the pain of his footsteps continues to afflict him. Even in this high-intensity confrontation in the playoffs, his average playing time is still nearly 30 minutes, which is an alarming figure. And he spent most of his time on his feet. Although the senator most stopped the Eastern Conference finals, the Swedish defender won the respect of everyone with his fearlessness and bravery.

[NHL star] The king's strength! Carlsson's life is doomed to be uncommon

In the offseason Carlsson opted for surgical treatment. The long surgical recovery period allowed him to miss the start of the Senate season. His absence made the senator feel like he had lost his magic and the record fell to the bottom of the East. Carlsson had no choice but to return to the team early, but his return was still difficult to stop the team from continuing its downward trend. The team was even stigmatized. Carlson himself was caught in a nonsense. He lost together in the Atlantic with the Senators. In the partition. The poor record made the senators farther and farther from the playoffs, and the team general manager Pierre Dolian chose to rebuild the team under comprehensive consideration. The key players such as Tories were departed accordingly. And Carlsson’s stay has become a topic of concern for the entire league.

In 2012 Carlson signed a seven-year contract with the Senator. The contract will expire after the end of the 2019 season. Therefore, the team needs to fix Carlson's renewal contract in 2018 to avoid Carlsson's expiration after the contract expires. Become a free agent, so that the team into a situation of both human and financial. The media also revealed that the two sides had differences in the renewal contract. Carlson wanted a contract that was in line with his own value. The value of the contract was probably more than 10 million US dollars per year. He himself also stated that any value below this value. No contract will be signed. Obviously, the two league best guards and Norris award winners are somewhat dissatisfied with their current salary. Approximately $6.5 million in revenue made it even harder for him to squeeze into the top ten in the league's defenders' income chart.

Overwhelming trade rumours have led people to believe that Carlsson's trades can happen at any time. At that moment, we once thought that he really wanted to remove the shirt that made him famous. However, Karlsson appeared professional, in that period. The team's difficult time clearly expressed its attitude of staying in Ottawa, and stated that improving the team's performance at this stage should be far more important than its own renewal contract, and Carlsson did indeed do the same, paying attention to training and In the game.

[NHL star] The king's strength! Carlsson's life is doomed to be uncommon

After the trading deadline, the Swedes remained in the team and the team’s management did not trade Carlsson. Obviously this choice was correct, leaving Carlsson to be unusual for fans and even for the city of Ottawa. The significance. Carlson of the season scored 56 points. This is the lowest score he has scored in the past five seasons, but he is still the league's top defender. At the age of 21 he defeated all the guards of the league at the time to win the league's best defender title. Three years later, he won this honor once again. It wasn’t for Beard Burns who played supernaturally last season. Maybe Carlsson already holds three Norris trophies, and he is also following Bobby Ol and Dennis. The only Portfolk Hall of Famer who won the award after the age of 23 is so special that he cannot but admire him.

In the history of ice hockey, it's hard to find a man like him who has all the fantasy elements that can stimulate female hormones: a solid and strong body, a giddy face and a chic style with unique personality. charm. He basically meets all the qualities a hero should have. His excellence and his dedication are loved by the people, and the fan cares about the hero's fantasy NHL Coins on the hockey player. When disaster strikes, he stays strong, calm, and subdued, just as he usually has difficulty playing. Now he wants to leave us for some time to accompany his family, because some things are more important than sports competitions. He let us know that in addition to winning and losing, hockey is a sport about love and emotion.

No matter what the reality is, life will be doomed to continue, and we are doomed to choose to be strong, just like Karlsson, without retreat.

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The 2017-18 season NHL regular season continues. The current New Jersey Devils who struggle with the seats in the playoffs continue their California road trip. In this game they will be visiting San Jose to challenge the Sharks who have recently won 4 consecutive wins. Tencent Sports will broadcast live video for you at 10:30 am Beijing time on March 21, so stay tuned.

The Devils played back-to-back and faced the ducklings' defeat. They ended the three-game winning streak. The outcome of the game will be crucial for the team that is playing in the playoffs NHL Coins.

In the frontcourt, one group is Chaivis-Zachek and the other is Kyle Palmyri and Taylor-Hou. The second group is Nick-Heathchel, who plays the center, and the other is Brian. - Gibbons and Michael Grabner, Blake Coleman as the center of the three groups, Patrick Marouen and Stefan Naesen on both sides, and Brian Boyle as the fourth team. - Stafford and Myers-Wood. Hao's performance is still stable. There have been 2 goals and 5 assists in the past 7 matches. Partner Zachek has 3 goals and 2 assists in 6 games. Palmeri has 3 goals and 2 assists. This team has become the team's Attack the core. With the performance of the second and third groups, the devil team is currently playing a satisfactory role in the offensive end.

In the backcourt, one group was Andy Green's partner Sammy Watanin, the second was John Moore's partner Damon Swenson, and the third was Will-Bucher's partner Ben-Lovjoy. Watanen's performance continues to be brave. In the past 7 games, he scored 2 goals and 4 assists, supporting the team's offensive and defensive series, but the team's other guards still have improvements on the defensive end.

The goalkeeper position, the team is expected to continue to send Keith - Kincaid, after winning 4 consecutive wins for the team in the scene to the duckling team hit, although made 32 saves, but back to back He still lost four goals in the game. After the game has taken a rest, the team will hope that he will bring better status.

The Sharks have been very brave in recent seasons. The team has won three consecutive victories, including a win in Western Canada. The three consecutive home games in this wave will make the team adjust to a good state, especially for the main players. Opportunity.

In the frontcourt, one group is Joe Pawelsky, who is centered on both sides, Evande-Kane and Melk-Carlsson on the two sides, and Roggen Kochul is the center of the two teams. Tomasz-Hertel and Mikar-Budega, Chris Tierne as the center of the three teams, Kevin Le Blanc and Dimo ​​Mey on the two sides, and Barclays as the fourth group. - Goodloving partner Eric Fair and Yannick Hansen. Helter has been in good form recently. He has 5 goals and 3 assists in the past 7 games, and has scored and assisted in the last 3 games. Kane played a big four in the face of the Flames. Pawelsky had 6 assists in 7 games, and Kzul had 2 goals and 3 assists. Although the team suffered multiple injuries, in the frontcourt, the team's 123 teams were stable. Performance, this is the key for Sharks to stabilize the top two in the Pacific Division.

In the backcourt, the first group was Brent Burns and Paul Martin, the second was Mark Andwald-Vlasic and Justin Braun, and the third was Brandon Di Lund partner Dylan de Mello. In the last match, Flachic suffered an injury. If he missed the game, it would undoubtedly bring a huge blow to the team. Burns's recent feel is still poor, only 3 assists in the past 7 games, but Demero has 6 assists, giving the team's offensive and defensive series has strong support.

The goalkeeper position, the team is expected to continue to send the main force Martin - Jones, he has won four victories in the past six starts, has recently won a three-game winning streak, but he saved in these three games The rate is less than 90%, and perhaps continuous fatigue operations have had an impact on his status.

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The NHL Council's regular meeting will be held in New York local time on Friday, and the biggest agenda for this conference is whether the NHL will participate in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Korea in 2018 NHL Coins.

NHL to participate in Pyeongchang Winter Olympics play? IIHF or 10 million travel expenses

IOC President Bach and President of the International Hockey Federation Rene Fischer will also attend the meeting, the focus of this meeting is to pay for up to ten million US dollars of players tickets and insurance pay.

The International Olympic Organizing Committee (IOC) and the International Hockey Federation (IIHF) bought a single fee for the five Olympic Games, but in April this year, IOC made it clear that they would not Cost to pay. Acting as a peacekeeper's IIHF president Rene Fischer said on November 16 that the federation would have the money to take the initiative. But Bettman does not buy it, he believes that IIHF this will lead to other projects are diverted, compressed IIHF NHL global promotion support. So the problem came to a dead end.

Things seem to have another turnaround, and in the last weekend Rene Fischer also indicated that the International Hockey Federation had already settled the cost, "Yes, we have tried hard, and I am very grateful to all of our members, Renee Fischer said.

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