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Switch Edition supports local and multiplayer games and supports cross-platform. At the same time, the Switch version of the game will include some platform exclusive customization options, such as Mario and Luigi's hat Rocket League Trading; platform exclusive vehicle; cross-platform game (only with Xbox One and PC). More content will be announced later. The game will be released during Christmas 2017.

Developer Psyonix announced today that the Rocket League of Switch is confirmed to be on sale on November 14 for $19.99. Switch Rocket League will be on sale on November 14. Switch Rocket League will support all modes, including wireless local multiplayer games. The game also includes Mario, Luigi and Sams theme "Mario NSR", "Luigi NSR" and "Samus Gunship" cars. The game supports cross-platform play, and Switch game players can play with Xbox One and PC players.

Believe that this will be a good integration with the Switch, the trailer finally said Switch Rocket League will have exclusive props: Mario's hat and related models. At the same time, Switch Edition also supports cross-platform online with Xbox One. This is expected to be released during the 2017 holiday season.


In the course of yesterday's announcement of Rocket League for Nintendo Switch, the developers Psyonix announced that cross-platform play with Xbox One, Steam (including macOS and Linux) as well as Windows 10 is supported Rocket League Trading. This allows the game to draw from a well-filled player pool.

Cross-Play with the PlayStation 4, however, Sony pushes a bar. "The honest answer is that Sony has not given us any permission," said Jeremy Dunham, VP of Publishing at Psyonix. "It is literally something we could do by pressing a button, in fact, it's a web page with a checkbox, all we have to do is to check this box and it would run in less than an hour around the world "That's all we have to do."

In addition to Rocket League, Microsoft announced with Minecraft to merge different platforms. Specifically, players can then daddle to PC, VR, Mobile, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. So here too, PlayStation 4 players must stay below.

How come? Jim Ryan, Head of Global Sales and Marketing at PlayStation, defended the decision of his company with Eurogamer: "Minecraft - the game that is the game, as you know as well as I know, at all ages, but especially also We've got a contract with those who go online with us to take care of them and stay with them within the PlayStation-managed universe [players] to expel many of them children, external influences that we have no control over Have something to think about very carefully Rocket League Keys. "

Sony would not accept cross-play as a matter of principle, but at the moment there are no active discussions internally, to leave this position and to allow cross-play, Ryan concludes.


Rocket League: Road? Where we are going, we do not need the road,but we need a course!

From October 21, 2015, Marty McFly back to the future the same day, the second part - the world famous De La Romana time machine will officially appear in the Rocket League in a Playable chariot Rocket League Items.

To be honest, we used to have a fantasy and joking DeLorean Time Machine in our game for months, even before coming out. We are all in Psyonix so great back to the future of the fans, this is what we want to play a popular game in addition to a few "holy grail" one. In fact, we won these two "best cases" in the same year, which is a great achievement for us, they are things we will never forget!

Hope you will never forget your time with DeLorean time machine because we have carefully re-created its appearance, feel and fold the jet wheel, just like in the original movie trilogy Rocket League Keys. Most importantly, it was a very interesting play - and finished its signature "Burning Rubber" Rocket Path Guide!

In the "back to the future car package", DeLorean Time Machine will be from October 21 to $ 1.99 or its regional retail price retail price!If you wish to get more content at DeLorean Time Machine next week, please do not forget to download the PlayStation Store for tomorrow and pick up the "Duel Battle DLC Pack" at "$ 3.99"

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