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World of Warcraft: Deathwing

status quo

In the fission of the World of Warcraft expansion piece, the Death Wing of the World Destroyer appeared again. His power and madness will cause a cataclysm within the scope of Azeroth, causing the pillar of the world to collapse and the entire continent to collapse. , And the land of fire in Mount Hyjal awakened the Enchanted Ragnaros, causing the residents of the Azeroth continent to face the powerful Elemental Lord again.

In addition, his late son, Nefarian, in the Blackwing's Nest, was resurrected by the Deathwing, and is now stationed in the Blackwing's blood ring to continue the experiments of the colorful dragon and the twilight dragon. At the same time Nefarian raised his sister, the eldest daughter of Deathwing: Onyxia. His youngest son, the black prince Rachio, was not polluted and was the last black dragon. WOW Classic Power Leveling can help you resist the powerful forces in the game and prevent you from being attacked by the enemy. At the same time, it can quickly raise the player's level to a new level.


Deathwing completely reshapes the world of Azeroth from the vanilla version described in Warcraft history. He divided the barren land into two. The waves he set off changed both continents. He even used his burning claws to leave a scary mark on the top of the fortress in Stormwind City, and used this as his personal signature for the Alliance capital and its people.

In many ways, Deathwing has been physically developing this cataclysm, not just its cause, so he can become the core figure of the entire expansion. His violent transition from the Guardian of the Earth to the Destroyer made these changes sweep through Azeroth. So, in a straightforward way, his role setting represents a powerful force that puts the expansion theme of this expansion into action. At the same time, Classic WOW Gold is also on sale at a reduced price. Players who need it can join the shopping cart!

Demon Soul

Under the command of powerful Archimonde, countless demon warriors were marching on the Kalimdor continent, and the corpses passing by were full of mess. The mysterious well of eternity is the core force of this barbaric invasion-it was also the source of the mysterious mana of the night elves.

In order to resist the fierce offensive of the Burning Legion, the night elf guards, under the leadership of the young Druid Malfurion Stormrage and the dragon magician Krasus, waged a deadly struggle with the demons. As the flame of hope extinguished little by little, an ancient force came to support in the darkest hour of the world. The dragon clan, headed by the powerful guardian dragon Nesario, has created an extremely powerful weapon: the soul of the dragon. However, although this masterpiece can drive the Burning Legion out of this world forever, it will also bring unpredictable consequences.

World Of Warcraft Classic will be updated, Blizzard has confirmed the specific update content.

Blizzard confirmed that on October 15th, the "Dire Maul" dungeon will be added to the game. This news makes all the Warcraft fans feel excited. According to past practice, this dungeon will be included in the second. The update of the stage was updated along with the update of the second phase of Warcraft, but this time Blizzard split it apart, first added him to the game, injected some new ones for users who experienced nostalgia, Let them experience different fun better.

Dire Maul is a carefully crafted World of Warcraft dungeon that is divided into wings (similar to the structure of the classic Scarlett Abbey instance of World of Warcraft). In this newly added dungeon, players can experience more freedom. The running skills allow players to leap over large areas through certain mechanisms, and the new and stunning PVP area will allow players of the same faction to fight together to get some rare equipment in the Doomsday Dungeon. It also means within the player's level limit, they can get better loot in this dungeon, This is a deadly attraction for players, Buy WoW Classic Gold in the and you will be powerful in the new dungeon. The rest of the second phase will be released later this year, but this release of Blizzard's breaking convention also heralds a new trend. Blizzard has always insisted on a fixed content update rhythm, but now they Willing to make some different attempts, this is good news for the players.

To become a fan of World Of Warcraft Classic, it is an exciting experience. After a series of setbacks, with the resurgence of WoW Classic, Blizzard is gradually improving. For more information about World Of Warcraft Classic, please visit GameMS, Get Cheap WoW Classic Gold.
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World of Warcraft Race - Werewolf

The werewolf is a race belonging to the online game World of Warcraft. It can choose 7 kinds of occupations, enter the battle in the form of wolves, and have superior combat ability. Various discourses mention their history, but the origin of the werewolf is still a mystery.

Background information

The werewolf is a race full of wild, half-human and half-wolf. Just mentioning their name is enough to make people afraid. According to the records, the werewolves existed in Kalimdor for quite some time. In fact, there is growing evidence that their true origins may have something to do with the night elves, as well as a secret druid organization in ancient Kalindo. But before the new evidence was discovered, it was all just an inference.

The first appearance of the werewolf in the Eastern Kingdom dates back to the third war, when Archmage Aruga used these werewolves to fight against the Scourge. Aruga’s weapon quickly turned against him. However, as the Werewolf curse spread rapidly among the human race, it began to turn ordinary men and women into hungry and wild creatures. WOW Classic Power Leveling is a way to improve player level

Service, if you are not satisfied with stopping in the game, or progress is too slow. Then he will be your best choice.

Aruga used many werewolves as his own children and hid in the former residence of Baron Schwarinen, known as the Shadowfang Castle. But the curse is not under control. It continued to continue in the Silver Pine Forest, and even spread to Gilneas surrounded by high walls, and the curse quickly spread across the country.

The residents of Gilneas found themselves trapped and there was no hope of escape. They hid in their isolated territory, where they lingered and feared the barbaric predators outside the wall. Tight pressure increased day by day among these refugees, which eventually led to a civil war that made the country that was about to face war more unstable. Using Classic WOW Gold at the same time can help you quickly improve your strength, which is very necessary for players.

However, there are still people in Gilneas holding hope. Many people believe that the treatment of the Werewolf curse exists, but many people have long since given up, fearing that if the barriers collapse, they will also lose humanity forever.

Optional occupations: warriors, thieves, mages, priests, druids, warlocks, hunters, death knights.

Other: The shape of the werewolf is only the appearance. You can choose human or werewolf outside the battle. You will be in the form of werewolf in battle.

Gilneas is located on the peninsula south of Silver Pine Forest.

This human kingdom supported the Alliance in the second war, but when the situation turned into a coalition that required Gilneas far more than Gilneas's alliance, King Graymeis did not hesitate to cut off all external contacts.

The outside world was completely ignorant. Just after the gate of the wall of Greymane was closed, the darkness descended to Gilneas, and the curse of the werewolf raged in this country. Soon, the Gilneas began to fight each other, into a bloody civil war, tearing the country. Impressively, the people of Gilneas still seem to retain a trace of humanity.


Occupations are an essential part of the World of Warcraft classics simply because they offer many powerful items, unique attributes, and help to make gold. Fishing can be a particular useful profession, and also this is the approach to master it.

World of Warcraft classic occupations is separated into two categories, primary and secondary. Players could only learn two basics but sometimes master the 3 secondary majors.

Fishing is a secondary category, which suggests there are no drawbacks to learning it, even though it offers benefits. Knowing to view the Leonids to fish can be challenging, therefore we have handy secrets and techniques to help you.

How to fish from the classic game of World of Warcraft

First, you have to learn fishing skills. Apprentice fishing could be learned from fishing trainers in every capital city and WoW Classic Gold the majority of the world's starting towns, for example, Goldshire.

After learning the skill sets, you'll want to buy bamboo fly fishing rods, and that is all excellent. Just get the nearest waters and click on your fishing skills to capture the fish.

You might find the float or float appear from the water and you should wait for it to splash. When it's splashing around, just snap it into your fish by right-clicking for the float.

How to increase the fishing level in World of Warcraft

Upgrading fishing in World of Warcraft Classic is simple, all you have to do is fish from the right area to the fishing level.

All players begin with a fishing level and may train those to level 300, and different skill levels could be used to set different areas.

To your talent improve, you will have to venture into new areas. To make your health easy and enjoyable, we've drawn a variety of fishing skills for every area inside the World of Warcraft classic, therefore you will always be Know the perfect place To increase your level.

Best Fishing Rod and Bait World of Warcraft Classic

If that you are struggling to hook fish or often start to see the mistake of "your fish is gone", you may invest in a better fly fishing line or add bait.

Basic fishing rods tend to be good at work, in case you want to boost your chances of catching a fish, you can obtain a solid scorpion from GameMS any fishing lover, or make an effort to win the Arcanite version in the thorny fishing event at Treasure Bay within the Stranglethorn Valley.

As with the bait, all are sold by fishing merchants, along with the prices are different. The "shiny gadgets" would be the cheapest and weakest, the thether the "hydrodynamic lures" will be the most expensive and strongest.

Now you are sure that everything about Wow classic fishing, you may go out there and earn some gold!


It’s been almost a month since the opening of the No. 27 World of Warcraft nostalgic suit last month. In the beginning, a bunch of people vowed to say that World of Warcraft was only the first month of the fire, and now it’s also “scratched.” World of Warcraft is still hot.

But wow classic are not perfect. The game is still the original game, but the people who play are not so youthful. After the baptism of society, there is no such WoW Classic Gold bloody. In today's fast-paced society, everything is moving toward more fast and convenient directions. The World of Warcraft classic suits mixed with all kinds of "fast food" games are also a special existence.

However, the World of Warcraft Classic in its implementation stage is not perfect as described above, and he also has many problems. For example, when the game is just open, the game is very hot. If you open a server at random, it will be full. The number is tens of thousands of queues, or you can be kicked off the line while playing in the game. Many players ridicule Netease. This is nostalgic enough. It is not only a nostalgic 60 version of the game database, but even the 60 version of the Ninetowns server is nostalgic.

There is also the upgrade process of wow classic. When you first opened the service, everyone still wants to do the task. It is not easy to upgrade the copy of the blame all the way, but the middle-aged man is under great pressure and can go home every day to play the game. Not much. Coupled with the slow upgrade, so a large number of players began the AA team to Cheap WoW Classic Gold blame the practice, specifically a group of AOE strong occupations, plus a T can pull strange, this becomes a lot of traditional copy Occupations such as druids, pastors, thieves, etc. are difficult to find team upgrades.

The world’s shouting page is all about the Warrior’s AA team, which greatly affects the game experience of other professions. Although this does not violate Blizzard’s game regulations, it is awkward with the World of Warcraft nostalgic clothing.

The last point is that now whether it is a large copy or a small copy of the team will exist, black others equipment, although this is a relatively common phenomenon, but it is a very devastating blow to the game's environmental game atmosphere, everyone knows World of Warcraft is a game that requires social attributes very much. In World of Warcraft, such a highly collaborative online game, the behavior of black equipment often involves the trust between people, which is the game and the game itself. Said, it is an indelible injury.


When looking at World of Warcraft classic servers, you'll want to choose the right server. The choice of that you start will limit one to a specific number of players, as cross-domain games (including cross-domain partitioning and finding group options) will not be part of the classic game.

The interest on servers is large enough WoW Classic Gold that Blizzard has added many new servers in North America and also the European Union and increased the ability to existing servers. In a field, you may create up to ten characters. Log in to Warcraft Classic now and make use of the drop-down menu over the Play button from the client to pick out Classic as opposed to the current game.

But before you may create this role, you have to first determine which field to position it in. There are many forms of fields from which to choose, from PvP and PvE to role-playing WoW Classic servers, you should always maintain a task. This is a set of servers which should be considered and will be avoided.

When you signing in, the WoW Classic server list shows how many roles currently created inside the realm. High and global domains routinely have login queues. The low- and middle-income areas are unlikely to be affected. Blizzard has now raised Cheap WoW Classic Gold the people ceiling on each server, so those servers that had been previously read as Full are reading Medium or High - the people have not changed. This means that the tasks from the game could become very crowded, but at the least, you will hold off until killing rather than queuing.

In a frenetic fashion (by way of example, the very first week of Classic's launch), queues can be quite a real hassle.


In a recently available discussion, Ion had these observations for the duration of each phase and how the production schedule worked:

"Try to keep flexible. If you want me to randomly assign many, then I wish to say for the first couples: It may take a couple of months or so. Part in the reason is we wouldn't like people to think that if they wish to participate in another step, they will be under tremendous pressure, but because of this, we don’t would like to set a strict timetable beforehand, because we would like to WOW Classic Boosting maintain flexibility to focus for the development in the community. There are not many lines over the Black Wings Nest and Zul Gurubu. I think they've got beaten Nefario, even so, they still countless equipment, they hope that we wouldn't like to drive Ahn'Qiraj out, if most players are certainly not ready, it is going to weaken their experience. So I mean that the first phase to your second phase could be one of the faster progress because we wish Dire Maul for being the beginning of the PvP system, several world bosses. Must find out how the player handles the material."

With this under consideration, it's wise to have a fairly very long time between stages. The first phase towards the second phase would be the fastest leap, as players compete for your first PvP battlefield to come. The second phase could be launched sometime this fall or early winter. We will invest your second phase from the time frame from December 2019 to January 2020.

As with the subsequent stages, it seems that Buy WoW Classic Gold this interval between each stage can be longer so that players can browse new content at a reasonable speed. The third phase will arrive within the summer of 2020, which seems for being a good choice, although most hardcore players will surely find it beyond the boundary away. Keep in your mind that developers are paying more attention towards the average progress, along with the World First Guild is not going to determine progress because of these releases.

Currently, this all is mainly depending on Ion's sharing speculation, so be sure to pay attention to the game's growth and aging to obtain additional official announcements and dates. The initial outbreak of active players is incredibly exciting, and then we look forward to seeing the length of time World of Warcraft can make the neighborhood fascinated.


Most Worlds of Warcraft dungeons require five players, but in addition to Blackrock Depths, Psychic and Stratholme, the other can only accommodate up to 10 players. You just can't complete any tasks. Normally, you will receive a chariot, a therapist and three levels of damage. It would often be helpful if one of the damages traders had several healing spells. There are no in-game tools to find WOW Classic Boosting groups, so you can usually find a group by asking where the dungeon is located in a regional chat, or more commonly in a city in the Capitol. We list the commonly used abbreviations below.

The bosses of the classic dungeons are easier to handle than the bosses of modern dungeons. Battles like Chopper Redhook in the Battle of Azeroth, in classic games, with its bombs, explosives, fixtures, and other mechanical devices, will be a raid battle, and Not a dungeon. In Classic, entering the dungeon, finding tasks for them and figuring out what to do can be much more difficult.

Unlike BfA, all tasks must be at the entrance to the dungeon (and must be done because most players will see the instance using the Find Groups tool), and Classic will spread differently on the map in many cases. Dungeon tasks, some require a large number of task chains to perform the final dungeon mission. The dungeon itself is not always easy to find, and the entrance is buried in the mountains (for example, the weeping caves and the Blackrock Depths), or after the hostile mob.

The time it takes to complete the Dungeon in World of Warcraft Classic depends on the level of your team compared to the dungeon. Does everyone insist on going on, or Classic WoW Gold must they send people back to the city to recruit? How many bosses are relatively short (for example, the cemetery of Scarlet Monastery); for others, it is best to pack lunch because it takes a few hours (Blackrock Depths, we are looking for you).

In each of the following cases, we have listed the minimum level required to enter the dungeon. Usually, the task requires you to be several levels higher, and for higher dungeons, the recommended level maybe 10 to 15 levels higher than the lowest level. For dungeons with independent wings, some are often harder than others. For example, the Scarlet Monastery cemetery is easier than the Cathedral, and Dire Maul West is easier than Dire Maul North. Some dungeons require coordination to enter. Usually, only one member of your party needs this kind of coordination, and once the door or door is open, other members can follow them.


World of Warcraft has a mission, the old players should have done it, called the legend of Steven, this task is a bit difficult, many players are asking where the location of Stavin, for this problem, We deliberately sorted out the relevant Raiders, If you want to know about this task, let's take a look.

The twilight forest itself is a place full of oppressive atmosphere. Naturally, it is filled with all kinds of strange events, such as the corpse, the scythe of the moon, and WOW Classic Boosting the blind eye of Mary. Presumably, little friends also have experience. After flying into the land of the twilight forest, the sky is instantly dark, and the tall towering trees obscure the sky without sunlight, making the atmosphere even bleaker, plus a variety of The incident made the Twilight Forest a deserted place at the foot of Stormwind.

The legend of Stavin, this long-forgotten and forgotten mission, is in the twilight forest, a gray area that is not far from Stormwind but not eye-catching. Steven's story can be summed up in a tragic love story, in which love makes sadness in paranoia, and finally breaks into darkness.

Location Overview:

There is a task in the night town called Stavin legend. He needs you to hand over the unsent letter to Stavin in the Stormwind Canal area. Who knows that Stavin is in the canal?

In the canal area between the dwarf area and the garden area, there is a yellow dot display nearby. Note that you must play a 26-level ghost after taking the letter next to the box. Be careful.It should be very easy to play at the same level Don’t forget to take Letter, otherwise, the map does not show yellow dots.

The little friend will receive a mission in the night town's cabin, where you will first touch the name of Steven, and then a series of clues will introduce you to the beginning of the story.

The general pass is:

1. Darwin, who was unemployed because of the invasion of Yuexi Township by the Defias Brotherhood, came to the night town.

2, happened to be the family teacher of the Flintley family and met the story of the heroine Tirona.

3. Stavin saw that Tirona, who was watering the flowers in the courtyard, was hopeless at first sight and fell in love with Tirola.

4. Stavin mistaken Telloa's enthusiasm as his love for himself, making himself even more unable to extricate himself.

5. However, the fact is that Tyrol and his fiancé are very loving and get along very harmoniously.

6, Stevens loves no fruit, begins to fall into madness, goes farther and farther in his fantasy and paranoia, and eventually kills Flint's family, including his loved Tyrol.

7. Stavin fled like a coward, and finally broke into the darkness, and the incarnation became the undead.

Steven's story maps many characters and events in reality. When the love you pay is not rewarded, the psychological emptiness will slowly spread, looking for alternatives to fill, and for the unaccompanied Stavin eventually Engulfed by his own heart.

As with us, Stavin is one of the ordinary people who are inconspicuous. There are always some negative emotions in life that have been suppressed for too long and Classic WoW Gold cannot be released. The result is so intense when it breaks out. We also don't know whether it is the strange influence of the twilight forest, but the negative emotions that grow under pressure will eventually destroy the self.

And the cause of the incident, what is the feeling of the female owner Tyroa on Stavin? Perhaps this is just the vanity of the girl, I hope that a sense of superiority in the hearts of the people, not to mention her as a noble. The identity gap is ultimately doomed to the birth of this tragedy. It is no longer important that Tyroa is the victim of this farce or the inducer. The blood she shed has dried up, her soul is tortured in the manor, leaving only a beautiful little white flower swaying in the wind.


The first step was to talk to the blood of the Warlock Trainer in Orgrim. He said that I can now learn to summon the succubus, and more information can be found with Cazel.

I found the cazel outside the tent. He told me to find a girl in the city waiting for the companion to return. The zankaja mission reminder: Cazel sat outside the warlock's tent.

Zakaria said that she was worried about the WoW Classic Gold safety of his husband, dog ran and asked me to go to Gazrog on the crossroad to inquire about her whereabouts. The task reminder: zankajia went down the bridge in the city to the cleft of shadow on the road to the cleft of shadow.

I flew to the crossroad and found the Gazrog at the entrance of the inn. He told me that the dogran didn't die, but he was captured and injured. He needs the kenzigla pharmacy task at the Stone Claw Mountain Sun Rock Camp: Good looking people

I went to the desolate sun rock retreat and saw kenzigla. He asked me to go camping taurajo with a potion to find log mar to inquire about the drop of the dog ran. Task Tip: I have been to Sun Rock before, it’s comfortable, it’s good to fly, I have to Going over, if you haven’t been there, you should pay attention to the sun rock walking on the table at the entrance of Stonetalon Mountain. Orc guards are wandering on the road.

Logmar told me that dog ran was locked in a tightly guarded camp north of camp taurajo, let me take the potion to save him. Task Tip: If it is convenient to start at camp taurajo, you should fly from Sun Rock to XR first, then run over.

After solving the guard, I saw the dying dog ran, he decided to die here, let me not tell him inside... and asked me to bring a token to the blood. Task Tip: The hardest part of this series of tasks can be called to help, but the 20th level warlock just got Classic WoW Gold new magic, solo up, but also good, patience, layer-by-layer advancement, can clear the outside, and the same level 20 The Wild Boar Master is attacking. It is a fireball. I am a shadow bolt. I am doing it three times. It hurts me half a blood.

Returning to Orgrim to find the blood, and handing him the token, after receiving some praise, let me go to the opposite shed to find a succubus and defeat her. Task Tip: It is easy to defeat the succubus, and you can help with imp.

After defeating the succubus, come back to find the blood, complete the mission and get the magic task of summoning the succubus: the succubus attack is still quite high, the beauty and the beast are very good.

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