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When Blight commences, you’ll meet a different NPC called Sister Cassia. As the story goes, fungal growths have spread throughout Wraeclast, money minds of nearby monsters. Sister Cassia has generated a device that may drain the ichor in the growths, but she needs someone to defend it from infected horrors even though it operates.

You’ll locate a blight in each division of Wraeclast, and POE Orbs also this encounter plays out being a small tower defense game. The fight starts once you attack among the blights, as they’ll command infected monsters to shield it. These creatures will mindlessly adhere to the blight’s tendrils, all of which will only harm those who work in their path. The infected can be tough, which explains why you’ll like to build towers to use each monster’s weakness. Defend a tendril lane successfully, along with a chest will show up with rewards.

You can put different types of towers – some slow monsters down, others buff different towers. You can also arrange them in various locations to increase their POE Trade effect contrary to the onrushing, zombified horde. All of this plays into the strategy component of Blight, while you react to the kind of minions you see to best achieve victory.

Blight boasts an endgame, which can be accessed through Blighted Maps. You can use these from the map device services or products regular map item. Blighted Maps will take that you a warped version of the area which contains a juiced-up Blight encounter. Essentially, things are harder, where there are no regular monsters. The benefit, because you can imagine, is items unique for the league.

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