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In the latest expansion of World of Warcraft: After the release of Azeroth, the tribes and alliances in World of Warcraft officially began a long war. The story that Blizzard wanted to tell in the Battle of Azeroth was huge and ambitious, and the development team produced a number of complete CGI movies and elaborate cutscenes. At the beginning of this expansion, players will see two cities completely destroyed and will disappear from the world forever. Now, players can make branch selections in the new version of World of Warcraft.

In all respects, Blizzard's 8.2.5 patch released on Tuesday is an important turning point. Blizzard hopes to pass the patch to the end of the war between the Horde and the Alliance. Not only that, but it also requires a reasonable explanation for the burning of Teldrassil, the integrity of the tribe and the peace of Azeroth. ZZWOW is a classal provider of third-party game services with many years of experience and a reputation among WoW players around the world. WoW Classic was officially released not long ago. If you need to Buy WOW Classic Gold or Boosting service, ZZWOW is your best choice. As long as you have enough WoW Classic Gold, you can buy whatever you need in the game.

But has it succeeded in these goals?

Ok, no, that's not fair. The story of patch 8.2.5 is very lively, ambitious and exciting. It made a solid attempt to make up for the tribal traditions inherited from Warcraft's real-time strategy game. Try to say something, say Gravetas.

So does World of Warcraft's 8.2.5 patch complete these goals?

No, it didn't work, although it seems a bit unfair. In fact, the story of patch 8.2.5 is very exciting and lively, showing the developer's ambitious. It is a groundbreaking attempt to make up with the legacy of the Horde that has carried over from the Warcraft real-time strategy games. It strives to describe this happening in a solemn manner.

However, one thing made all the solemnity a joke. The genocide practiced by Sylvanas Windrunner was the beginning of the battle of Azeroth. Instead of accomplishing this goal by herself, she used the tribe's support for her to give orders to the military. She ordered the soldiers of the tribe to kill all the living people of the Alliance village of Brennadam, and the tribe faithfully executed her plan.

Until she had a duel with Saurfang, the majority of the people in the tribe firmly supported her, and she easily won the duel in the duel. But she did something amazing. She removed the camouflage on her face and shouted out the hatred of the tribe, which made it impossible for her to clear the survivors of the Alliance and the traitors of the Horde.

It’s that slip that leads to both factions uniting, Sylvanas yeeting Saurfang and flying out of there, and the final conclusion of both the Horde loyalist and rebellion plot lines.

It’s a narrative mess, and it’s difficult to unpack just why this story doesn’t work ... because it’s an issue that has persisted throughout the expansion.

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