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World of Warcraft is getting ready to usher next update: Rise of Azshara. This update contains quite a lots of new content, that is more like an expansion for players. Blizzard explained each new content with this update having a demo video, including two new exploreable areas, a fresh raid mode, and a couple of new alliance races. Not will, players also can collect more good equipment and armor following your update is fully gone, to be able to take their strength a measure closer, lastly complete the achievement of defeating Queen Azshara.

The two new areas are Nazjatar and Mechagon. There are certain requirements to go in the new map. Your character must reach level 120 and finished the Unlocking the World quest. Players may then head to Nazjatar, where players on the Alliance will end up partners with Waveblade Ankoan, they're seafaring faction. Horde players can become allies with Unshackled. Because Azshara ’s army will constantly search and kill any player in your WOW Classic Gold For Sale community, you will need to find a sufficiently strong enough shelter and create a stronghold to outlive. Players can get involved in a variety of new PvE and PvP events here, and obtain generous rewards, including marine mounts.

After players have established a stronghold in Nazjatar, they are able to start another new continent-Mechagon. This is the dwarf's paradise. The power of technology rules everything here, and you will probably see here a technology that's never appeared in Azeroth. Here you must help the Rustbolt Resistance and finally abolish the rule on the tyrant. There is a mysterious tinkering workshop within this area, as soon as you have enough materials, you could make new legendary equipment here.

Not that, this update also provides players with two new areas that may be explored on the air, namely Kul Tiras of Nazjatar and Zandalar of Mechagon. After you complete the Pathfinder Part 2 quest, you'll be able to maneuver your flying mount for taking off freely of these two areas. If you need it, you may have to visit ZZWOW, since might be giving the most affordable Cheap WOW Classic Gold.

In fact, as well as these most significant things, Rise of Azshara adds many interesting elements, like a battle dungeon specially prepared for your dog. You can see reveal description with all the different content added with the development team around the World of Warcraft official website.

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