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Before losing his father, Anduin is undoubtedly a carefree prince in Stormwind. The 10-year-old boy will forever warmly welcome the adventurers in Stormwind and inquire the members regarding the father. Fear can be quite a brand new experience for Anduin, anf the husband even doubts his personal goals and beliefs. In such a sudden way, becoming the king of Stormwind was painful for Anduin, and the man shouldered the mission this age shouldn't bear.

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In order to solve the ideological confusion, he traveled to Varian's fallen land to uncover clues. There, he could speak with Varian's image, which gave him some comfort and freed him coming from all of doubts. His belief in peace and light-weight became more determined.

The first action he made would have been to actively talk with the new chief with all the Horde, Sylvanas. He thought there seemed to be still a fairly easy in the heart within the Queen and that he or she could speak to her. He used his diplomatic talents and succeeded making Sylvanas consent to set up a conference between humans in addition to the undead. However, this meeting ended with violence and conflict. Anduin was necessary to admit that true peace would possibly not come providing Sylvanas remained a tribal chief. For me, MMOWTS add best site for players getting WoW Classic Gold.

In a sense, Anduin is lucky. He successfully overcomes every death threat on the way to growth, in a ten-year-old boy who's got no fighting power to the most powerful ruler that's blessed in the WOW Classic Gold For Sale Holy Light. His strength and determination created a deep impression on anyone who hasn't seen him, including the current players. He failed over and over on the path to peace, but he never lost the battle. And we will become adults with him.

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