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If you are a loyal World of Warcraft player, you need heard "Rise Of Azshara" frequently today. The story of BfA is coming to a stop. Before that, we must unite and defeat Queen Azshara, who lives in the palace from the deep sea.

This second content update to Battle for Azeroth focuses primarily on the titular Azshara, a naga queen who swore allegiance to your Classic WOW Gold Old Gods to avoid wasting her people. As the revolutionary story begins, the ocean opens to show the naga capital Nazjatar where Azshara still rules her people. Inside, you'll encounter two factions whorrrre resisting her reign, the Unshackled as well as the Ankoan, and get involved in a new 8-boss raid called Azshara's Eternal Palace--ultimately culminating with facing Azshara herself, naturally. 

A second major area, town of Mechagon, targets a different ruler entirely. King Mechagon went a lttle bit mad while using power of machines and began replacing himself in pieces and insisting that his subjects perform same, making a whole new kind of augmented mecha-gnome. The Rustbolt Resistance resisted him, then when you find Mechagon you're thrust into your center from the conflict. You can accept the new Operation: Mechagon mega-dungeon to take care of the mad king himself. Finally, a different Heroic Warfront, Stormgarde, is going to be available for your warband. Nowdays, more and more people choose to buy WoW Classic Gold from sites, as farming Gold is really boring and tired. If you want to buy WOW Classic Gold, you need to buy it from safe and reliable sites. I think ZZWOW will meet your need.

A detailed new Heart of Azeroth menu allows you to customize your character with Essences, that offer a wide array of buffs and active abilities to unlock. Plus the wonders of mechanical wizardry in Mechagon throw open new stat-boosting options, as being a trinket with colored punchcard slots--similar for the classic gem sockets. Gnomes and Taurens could also go on special quests to obtain Heritage armor.

New Mount Equipment allows you to customize any mount with abilities. Specifically, Blizzard noted until this means all mounts will likely be able to water-walk, and you can equip any mounted ability you already have unlocked, like slowfall or daze protection. You could also complete the Vanilla WOW Gold revolutionary Pathfinder achievements allowing your mount to fly through Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Mechagon, and Nazjatar.

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