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For all enterprises China cooler motor Suppliers, effective use of working capital iscritical to success. However, if you are running a smalloperation with limited funding, poor usage may be theprincipal reason why you're trending toward failure.

Many business operators just don't make the effort toreview the results of investment spending adequately. Theimportance of an objective analysis of what - if any -return came as a result of their spending is critical forany future business planning - and yet it's continuallyignored or postponed to a time when it's no longervaluable. I recognize it's difficult to determine (forexample) what marketing activity actually caused increasedtraffic; or what discount offer caused your phone to ring,or if adding 3 bodies actually improved company output. Butfailure to determine whether your investment wasappropriate will only result in further blind spending.

Management-by-gut-feel often results in no positiveoutcomes. Test yourself.

3. Usually, Your Results Aren't Due to the Economy

When I first became involved in the franchising businessback in 1985, the biggest problem I saw was that smallbusiness operators didn't understand the effects that theglobal economy could have on any business dedicated toconsumers. Today, it seems it's just the opposite.

I frequently hear business operators justifying their lackof success on everything but internal companyissues. I don'tbelieve that most businesses fail to make their numbersbecause of some prognostication from the Federal ReserveChairman.

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in global issues that we forget why our customers came to us in the first place. We forget thatthey will continue to spend and grow regardless of what happens in Japan or Poland.

Deal withthe issues that are really creating your current results.

Unless your operation is doing everything to the best it can be done, look in the mirror before you start blaming the economy,orissues outside your controlfor your lackluster results.

And by the way, Toyota's making more money and growing its market share in the US despite all being faced bythose obstacles cited by GM's management this year. It's not the economy.

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