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These two are your old friends. The pencil is the pen you use to draw and study, and the eraser is the eraser you want to erase the wrong text. On a sunny morning, the flower eraser on the table came out of the pen case and started chatting with the small pencil in the pen holder. Pencil felt that his skills were the biggest in the world of stationery. It said to the flower eraser: "I am the most useful in the" stationery world ". Without me, people cannot communicate with each other in words at all; students cannot complete homework; writers cannot complete his great works. I am indispensable. So I am the most useful! "" No! I am the most useful in the "stationery world", what are you, if you don't have me, people's emotions expressed in words will be all confused, even if it is a book , Without me, is also a fee sheet. "Hua rubber said exasperatedly. The two of you, I said, arguing, arguing ... the sound is getting smaller and softer and lighter-the quarrel is tired, and they fall asleep. Hua Eraser fell asleep and began to dream-Hua Eraser dreamed that he had come to the factory. The factory produced thousands of pencils. Hua Eraser saw the brothers of pencils everywhere, and his heart was on fire. It said "change" in the factory The pencil became a piece of rubber immediately, and the flower eraser was happy. Only heard uncles and aunts angrily said: "Who turned the pencil into an eraser? If you know that lead is not easy to collect, how can you make it change when you say it!" Hua Eraser grunted: I will help you get back Too. So, it said "change" and changed the pencil back. Flower Eraser had to leave the factory in a frustrated manner. Flower Eraser strolled around to the stationery store. It saw the children were buying wax pencils, and the flower eraser was unhappy. It said "change" and turned the wax pencil into an eraser. The child burst into tears: "Wow-I bought a wax pencil Newport Cigarettes Coupons, how did it become a flower eraser?" The flower eraser quickly changed it back. It turned into a rubber, but it didn't work. This night, the flower rubber turned over and over and didn't sleep well. Unexpectedly, the pencil fell asleep and dreamed about it-the pencil dreamed that he had come to the painter's house and saw the painter holding an eraser in his hand. It was unhappy and said "change", so the painting was destroyed immediately. The painter shouted, "What the hell are you doing, but this is what I conceived for two hours and I painted for five hours. The masterpiece I want to take to the exhibition will ruin you!" After that Marlboro Lights, I sat down on the ground and straightened Panting, the pencil was terrified, and it shouted: "Change to change". The flower eraser was awakened by the pencil's "change". The flower eraser asked why the small pencil shouted "change" repeatedly? The little pencil embarrassedly told his dream to the flower eraser. The flower eraser blushed when I heard it Marlboro Cigarettes, and told the little pencil that I had dreamed from now on. The flower eraser and the little pencil are no longer noisy, respect each other, and learn from each other; they understand that: the eraser has the advantages of the rubber, the pencil has the pencil advantage.
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