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Autumn is a beautiful season, it brings us harvest and happiness, and there are many festivals in autumn, and my favorite is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Today is September 18, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival. At four o'clock in the afternoon, will the three of us go by car together? The grandma's house celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival. I sat in the car and looked at the beautiful and charming scenery outside and felt very comfortable. After about thirty minutes, the grandma's house arrived. Grandma's family has changed so much in recent years! It's really one year a year, and it has changed a lot in three years. Even people like me who often go to grandmother's house almost don't know. The original bungalows there have all been transformed into small houses over three floors. When I came to my grandma's house, I found my cousin. He is already in second grade at the age of nine. People are a bit fat. I asked my cousin, "Where is the grandmother?" The cousin said, "Going to the street to buy vegetables." It turned out that she had to buy us some good side dishes to eat. I see that there are many side dishes in the kitchen and they are more advanced. I didn't see that my grandmother could only play with her cousin. After a while, I heard the sound of a motorcycle from far to near Online Cigarettes, and stopped in front of the door. I think it must be the grandmother that they are back. I immediately ran out like a mad horse. When I came outside the house, I saw that it was my grandmother who came back. I immediately yelled and rushed to my grandmother. Grandma laughed when she saw me. She immediately entered the house with me and ate a lot of things I liked. Then, my grandma asked me to play with my cousin, and I was busy cooking and cooking. Father and mother went out to walk a few relatives. At six o'clock, everyone was here, so it was time for dinner. Today's side dishes are so rich! I picked up chopsticks and sandwiched many small dishes into the bowl in front of me, and slowly ate them. My grandmother also gave me a lot of dishes I like to put in a bowl Marlboro Red, and I had to pile up a lot of mountains. I repeatedly said, "Enough is enough!" The grandmother stopped to stop serving food for me. However, as soon as I eat a little dish, my grandma will put some more on my bowl. Later, I had to pick up the bowl and ran to the side to eat. The grandmother said, "Kiki, you will sit down at the table to eat. I won't give it to you. If you can't eat, you can leave the rest." I went back to the table and continued to have dinner. All kinds of moon cakes let me eat, let me taste a bit of each, and let me pick my favorite. Ah, grandma is so kind to me! Then my cousin and I went upstairs to watch TV Cheap Cigarettes, and Mom and Dad and grandma and grandpa had tea together and chatted downstairs until nine o'clock. Mom and Dad told me to go home. I had to go home. In the car, I saw my grandmother still watching our car leaving. The car drove away, and I saw my grandmother vaguely standing there looking at the car we were going to.
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