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The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. As we recite countless masterpieces of Wing-yue, which entrust Acacia and express our feelings, the feeling of acacia and reunion in our hearts will become stronger Newport Cigarettes. Throughout the ages, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a grand festival of Chinese folk tradition. As long as it is a Chinese, it is destined to be August 15th, raising its head to look at the moon and the world. When people reunite with their families, enjoy the Moon Festival and visit the lake, the Mid-Autumn Festival is endowed with, which connects the warmth of the world with the beauty of the scenery, and makes people feel the warmth, happiness, and joy of the members of the family. The wanderer is homesick. I remember in the "Tokyo Menghua Pen", I once described the lively scene of "Songs are far away, play and even sit in the Holy Dawn". This is exactly the image of the ancient people's longing for reunion and celebration of reunion. Colorful. You can choose to set off fireworks, Lang Lang moonlight, fire tree silver flower, all-day celebration; you can choose to visit the park, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrant, the moonlight is wrapped around the dark fragrant branches, and a little silver light is scattered under your feet; , Jiang Fengqing Xuan, Yanbo vast, the moonlight is as refreshing as the silver snail in the blue water, or simply stay at home, eat some fine dishes in soft music, taste moon cakes, enjoy the moon with the box, moonlight allure Your glory and beauty will surely fill your mind Marlboro Cigarettes, Shi Yun: "The people don't see the ancient time and the moon, and this month used to reflect the ancients." The Mid-Autumn Festival night allows us to experience the vast beauty of "the bright moon shines thousands of miles" People think about it: send homesickness far away! No matter in the far corner of the world, as long as you can bathe in the moonlight, the love of homesickness will be integrated into the moonlight, and the prayer will be passed to the home in the distance through the bridge of the heart of the moon. May the loved ones be better, the hometown will be more beautiful Marlboro Gold, everything will be more Happiness, at the same time, in Haoyue, the wanderer can also read the care and greetings in the distance. Speaking of which, I have to mention the prestigious Mid-Autumn Mooncake. Dongpo once admired that "small cakes are like chewing the moon, and there are Yirusu in the middle." Today's mooncakes are more dazzling and full of fancy styles, but no matter how they are renovated, the constant shape is the symbol of family warmth. Harmony, family reunion and reunion, so say, do n��t underestimate this piece of pie, it not only embodies the hard work and sweat of the producer, but also the Chinese people in ancient times who long for the reunion The epitome of harmony also highlights the inexhaustible cultural source of the Chinese nation. Some people say that they miss the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival and care about the stars like the sky. Before this joyous festival comes, I would like to use the gentle wind to write Long blessing, let it float gently into everyone's heart! Finally, I wish the teachers and students of the school a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family.
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