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I was looking forward to the evening. I finally lighted up the lantern for this Mid-Autumn Festival. I did n��t stay at home, but went to Linlin ��s house to play, because the home was so deserted, I did n��t want to stay there for a minute. I carried the lantern alone and wandered in the alleys because I forgot where Lin Lin's house was. I don't know how long it took, I met Lin Lin and her cousin, Cheng Uncle, a "big handsome uncle" who came back from a foreign country. He took me through "nine bends and eighteen bends" and finally reached the roof of Lin Lin's house. Wow! Many people! I hung the lantern on the window's anti-theft network. "Big Shuai" has been talking to us about his interesting things abroad. When he was fascinated by it, a strange smell spread to my nose. "Wow! There is smoke!" Linlin shouted and pointed her lantern at me! "Big Shuai" quickly approached the lantern and kept blowing into the lantern. As a result, the fire was blowing. When Liang Zizi, who had just entered the door, saw it, he was so anxious that he immediately poured the mineral water on the hand into the fire. Finally, a "squeak, squeak" sound came out of the lantern, and a ray of white smoke came out. After such a "rescue", the fire was extinguished. Brother Liangzai also complained to us and said, "It's on fire, why don't everyone stay there and don't save the fire?" Yes <a href="buyusacigarettes.com">Marlboro Red</a>, we are really not calm enough. We should go to the fire together. Although it was just a small fire, it was possible to burn the whole building. I looked up at the sky, and it felt as if all the stars were added up to be a bright moon. The so-called unity is great! This Mid-Autumn Festival, the moonlight is still so bright. Mid-Autumn Festival greeting composition 800 words Mid-Autumn Festival is here! The moon is round! The lights in each house are very bright, and the surrounding environment is very dark, but there are people everywhere. Laughter has already broken the lonely environment! The Mid-Autumn Festival is the 15th day of the lunar calendar and is China's traditional Mid-Autumn Festival. It is also China's second largest traditional festival after the Spring Festival <a href="cigarettesusastore.com">Cheap Cigarettes</a>. Also known as Mid-Autumn Festival, Reunion Festival, August Festival, etc., it is a traditional festival of Han and most ethnic minorities in China, and it is also popular in neighboring countries such as North Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. Because the seven months, eight months, and nine months of autumn (referring to the lunar calendar), August is centered, and in the thirty days of August, it is fifteen, so it is called Mid-Autumn Festival. As a result, Ye Haoyue was in the sky, and more folks were reunited than family members tonight, so it was also called Reunion Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival originated from the customs of autumn worship and moon worship in ancient China. "Book of Rites" contains "Emperor's Spring, Morning and Autumn, Autumn and Moon. Morning and Morning, Morning and Moon." "Xiyue" here means worshiping the moon. The two Han dynasties had taken shape, and in the Tang Dynasty, the custom of mid-autumn moon appreciation began to prevail and was designated as the Mid-Autumn Festival. Ouyang Zhan said in the "Preface to Changan Play Moon Poems": "August is in autumn. Season begins at the end of Meng; fifteen in the night, and then in the moon cloud. If it is in heaven, it will be cold and hot, and it will be taken from the number of months. , So it is Mid-Autumn Festival <a href="salesmoking.com">Parliament Cigarettes</a>. "

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