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In the past month, all Old School RuneScape players have been very excited. Because they finally got the most popular game mode-Deadman Mode in the game, although the return of Deadman Mode lasted only one month, it still made players feel satisfied. In order to further encourage players to participate in this mode, the developer Jagex even hosted a tournament with the theme of Deadman Mode. During the four-week period, players need to level their characters up as quickly as possible to compete for the generous bonuses provided by Jagex and raise funds for charities.

The harm of the COVID-19 virus is so great that everyone should stay at home and maintain a social distance with others. Compared with the OSRS Gold government's ban on going out, interesting games seem to provide better isolation. The developer chose to reintroduce Deadman Mode for RuneScape at this time also to give players a good reason to stay at home and allow players to spend most of their time safely at home. The DMM Championship lasting one month will further enhance the isolation effect of the game. The final stage of this competition will be conducted in a dedicated competition server.

Deadman Mode is one of the most special game modes in Old School RuneScape. In this mode, players will be able to level up faster. The experience rate of nearly 5 to 10 times allows players to spend more time on skill training and exploration. However, high profits mean high risk. Players who die in this mode will lose everything directly. Therefore, every time players go to the wild area to explore, they need to risk taking all items to enhance the survival ability or store the items in the bank to reduce the loss caused by death.

In addition, in Deadman Mode, certain areas of Geilinor will be unavailable. For example, Revenant Caves and Lava Dragon Isles, players can't get any regular loot by killing any monsters in these two areas. In addition, players can't get what they want by killing the endgame boss named Zulrah. This means that if you encounter an enemy who uses the venom mechanism in Deadman Mode, it is best to immediately escape and stay away from him, because the mechanism will cause fatal damage to ordinary players. Once you are hit by the enemy's venom, you can only wait for death to come, because the venom will cause you up to 20 damage every few seconds and you cannot clear the negative effect by any means, because the treatment to this venom is the rewards for killing Zulrah.

The DMM Championship officially started on May 1 and the final was held on May 29. The official school Twitch channel of Old School RuneScape broadcast the content of the game on the final day. If you missed the live broadcast, you can also view the video of the final on YouTube. Jagex provided up to $25,000 in cash prizes to all participants in this tournament. Not only that, the developer also raised a lot of money for mental health charities. Of course, enough RS Gold is very useful for players, because you can use RuneScape Gold to buy anything you need. GOLDRS has many years of experience in game currency sales and is committed to providing players with the best service for Old School RuneScape. If you want to buy cheap and safe RuneScape Gold, please visit the official website of GOLDRS.

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