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An oil change is something exhaust fan motor that every vehicle owner has to deal with at one time or another. It may be a routine event, but you might benefit from knowing some facts and history behind motor oil.

Motor oil and the internal combustion engine have forever changed the way we live by providing the transportation of both people and goods across the globe. No one person from history can be given total credit for the invention of the internal combustion engine, because each part was the result of a separate discovery or invention. Each part was originally crafted for some other purpose, but technology evolves through the accumulation and combination of previously existing technologies.

Motor oil is one of those absolutely necessary parts that aid in the proper operation of a complete, functioning engine. Because of the potential for buildup of heat and friction caused by several metal parts moving against each other in an engine, it is necessary that a liquid substance that provides lubrication flows through the engine during its operation. Motor oil reduces the friction between the moving parts while also moving heat away from the parts by continuously flowing in a circuit through the engine. An oil change keeps the engine running smoothly and functioning properly between changes.

There are other reasons to have a regular oil change other than reducing friction and cycling heat away from the engine. Motor oil also collects the metal that rubs off during the use of the engine. Although oil reduces friction, there is still some friction that creates tiny metal flakes. The oil collects and holds these flakes, so that when an oil change is performed, the contaminants are removed with the dirty oil and replaced with fresh oil.

The presence of oil also keeps the metal parts of the engine from corroding and seals them from outside elements and the extreme conditions inside the engine during its use. The internal combustion engine that motor oil lubricates and allows to function is present in many different machines, both mobile and stationary. Power generators have engines, as well as lawnmowers and motorcycles.

Motor oil does not only come in one variety. As technology moves forward, different kinds of oils are continuously being created and made available to the public. Partially because of the awareness and concern about the fact that petroleum is a limited resource, non-petroleum based oils are an increasingly available option for consumers. Bio-fuel and biologically derived oils were used before petroleum-based motor oil came to dominate the scene, but they are making a strong comeback due to increased petroleum demand and prices.

The need for an oil change will definitely arise at many points during the ownership of your vehicle. The best way to determine when to change your oil is to consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle. Just as every car or truck does not get the same gas mileage, they also require an oil change at different intervals. Knowing this basic fact about your own vehicle can save you time and money.

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