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Well certain... other programs are more robust but win shop has a massive install base since it's built into windows. SoT lives and dies based on mtx / store use whereas the other games you've mentioned moving to steam mainly revolve around paid clients. I do agree that PSO2 Meseta for sale something like steam or stand alone would be better but that I disagree with the assertion that it is not healthy. Besides, the majority of the main attributes missing from the win10 store don't matter a whole lot for f2p games (I do not desire reviews or extra yield policies etc). In addition to this, I suspect like every other variant of PSO consoles will drive the people. I don't forsee a huge swath of all PC gamers clamoring to play with. If windows shop is a deal breaker for you then by all means skip itbut you're only punishing yourself.

But I am not. It is the newest Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers who would've installed on a whim, who would've seen it in steam newly released, who would have seen their friends enjoying on their friendlist and clicked the store page to check it out. How can you explain to somebody who's not on Phantasy Star Online 2s subreddit that it's worth it? And if you do not believe those people today matter to a console life cycle, then why market in any way? Like I have said a few times, I am praying I'm wrong. Look at PSU shut down so early into its lifetime. Look after epic launch scraping by only because epic is spending sales at epic release. Compare the shop revenue numbers and user bases. Look to steam from windows shop at the Microsoft change, and then tell me there's nothing to be concerned about.

I doubt they were really interested in playing. The Windows shop is fine. It's fine? Do I really need every recent Epic release to show you just how much the store platform could have an impact on earnings? I wouldnt bother going to play when I was unsure of Phantasy Star Online 2 and wasn't already a huge fan of this series. Also, windows shop contains attributes which storefronts offer. And those features will be overlooked for a game as social is PSO2.

Epic is fine also. Somehow the Japanese lived just fine without those"societal features" has it has existed for 8 years on its launcher. Discord is for exceptional for maintaining Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers joined and it doesnt need steam to get the job done. Yeah, Windoes shop is fine. I play. I highily doubt your friends were all that buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta interested if it only being on another platform they still have access to scared them off. They're probably only elitists, if it did not then.

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