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Recently, EZ added a batch of NFL rookies in Madden Ultimate Team 20, they are the best rookies from various leagues. The most exciting thing for players is that when you get these players that can be used in the current game, not only can you complete a wonderful game with them in Madden 20, you can also Buy MUT coins use these after Madden 21 is officially released NFL rookies are converted into usable player cards. You will find some familiar names in the roster, such as quarterback Joe Burrow, defensive star Chase Young, and wide receiver Cee Dee Lamb. Want to get them? Continue reading this guide, you will learn about these new cards and how to obtain them.

Who are the Madden 20 Rookie Premiere cards for?

With Madden 20 Rookie Premiere cards, EA's team chose 10 rookies at different positions to provide high-rated cards in Ultimate Team. Gamers who lock in these player cards in Madden 20, will get their M21 cards for Madden 21, and receive any card upgrades throughout the season. So choose wisely if you would like only one, or choose several by the methods we've discussed below.

Leading the way for the ten NFL rookies is not any. 1 pick, quarterback Joe Burrow out of LSU. He'll star for the Cincinnati Bengals at some point, possibly within the new season as they give the impression of being to show things around. Joining him are the following two picks, with Redskins right end Chase Young and Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah.

How to get the cards in Madden Ultimate Team

You'll need 10 Madden 20 Rookie Premiere tokens to exchange for any player up above. you'll build the set multiple times too. Most Ultimate Team gamers got a minimum of one free Rookie Premiere Token when signing into the mode. Some Ultimate Team fans may have received more free Tokens upon signing in to the mode.

Each player in the NFL 20 rookies list can unlock the corresponding Rookie Premiere Challenges. Each time you complete the challenge, you can get a NAT 93 OVR player and an additional 1000 MUT Coins. These rewards will provide you with great success in completing other tasks in the future. Great help. Not only that, when you complete the extra goals included in these challenges, you will also receive a certain number of star rewards. When you accumulate 30 stars, you can exchange them for a free Rookie Premiere Token.

In additional, there are some different exchange sets, including one where you can trade in any two of the 93 OVR Rookie Premiere players for an RP Token. Other exchange sets like Draft Class'20, Elite Player cards, and MUT Master Token for a free RP Token. With the Core Player Exchange feature, you can trade various cards such as Silver, Gold, and Elite cards.

You can also buy Rookie Premiere Tokens directly through the shop offer, each token is worth $22. But you can only buy up to 10 times. If you really want a rookie, you better try other free methods first, and then finally consider directly spending money to complete your dream. In addition, you can also find new card packs in the store. Each card pack contains at least one 93 OVR Rookie Premiere Card. The price of the card package is 25,000 MUT Coins. If you purchase 10 packages at a time, you will also receive an additional 2,200 points. It is worth noting that you can only earn up to 4 points by purchasing the card package, that is to say, you can spend up to 1,000,000 Madden Coins to get 8,800 points, good luck. With the help of MMOSPT, this situation will be completely improved. Because MMOSPT is a game currency store with many years of experience, it sells the cheapest MUT Coins on the market every day. Their goal is to help players spend less money to enjoy the game. At MMOSPT, you can Buy Madden Coins, then trade with other players in the game and get any items you need.

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