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They don't. The purpose is the ability, not whether or not it will be carried out. Presently every item in OSRS can be RuneScape gold obtained with luck/time today, even when you made a IM. We voted against rares in 2018 and 2013 as a community do not like the component of missing out just because we are busy IRL. I'm seeking to make sure that the exact same is true here some rewards might just be accessible for the very best X winners but there will be none which aren't offered in a subsequent league, otherwise only X these items could ever exist in RuneScape around the GE, which is not something that we (historically) have wanted. If that is the case then I don't care how difficult it is to win those leagues. This is about balance of the market.

What about those rares that are discountinued they give out for stuff and events online stream. The only real way to receive them it. I am not sure I know what you're referring to. Holiday things when dropped during vacation events are got in subsequent years' holiday occasions. The jug is the only rare I can find. Do you have cases? Is the cost of this jug not high if it's discontinued? Weird.

They haven't released midsummer events for the previous two decades so there hasn't been any fresh half jugs and discs of returning coming to RuneScape. But there is still a ton of them in sport. I joined in 2017, after the previous midsummer event. I guess that's why I have not heard of them. I guess you're right that OSRS is existed in by items that are discontinued so the precedent is there. Although I feel that this is unintentional? Sounds strange since people didn't vote for discontinued rares but I suppose it had been an unintended consequence of cancelling (?) An occasion. Or is the occasion only irregular?

I editted my very last article in did if u didnt compete they state u couldnt gain points. Off topix, but we didnt vote contrary to discontinued rares. They polled it backward. Akin to buy RS gold polling"should we introduce chaos without soulsplit." Then saying obviously the community wanted soulsplit as it didnt reach 75 percent. We voted if they should be discontinued, for the concept of vacation things voted. We would have items at the moment, if jagex had said continued in the query. Nearly all the community got robbed.

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