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Back in PSO2, you take on the role of a new ARKS (Artificial Relict to Maintain Species) Operative. That is really about everything that PSO2 Meseta you need to know or remember about emotionless narrative, and this obscure, jargon-packed. Ahead franchise knowledge is absolutely not required to comprehend it, but experience with the first PSO does assist. (PSO2 is completely unrelated to this single-Phantasy Star Online 2 player Sega Genesis JRPGs.)

Despite the English voice cast that is top-notch, PSO2 just doesn't have an intriguing story. And to be clear, it truly doesn't matter; that is certainly not the kind of sport you play for your story, so the programmers have clearly just focused their attention elsewhere.

Each one the missions you go on have a few bits of voice over sprinkled in but otherwise it's only about plowing through enemies and with a lot more fun consequently. The conversations that move the story forward are self explanatory as story quests from the most important quest-giver NPC, which prevents them from slowing down the pace of missions.

Instead of have you research a sprawling open universe of interconnected zones, PSO2 uses a lobby and instance system to congregate Phantasy Star Online 2 gamers and permit everyone to buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta chat and team up. When you've accepted a mission you'll only see people in your party and a couple of others that could do the exact same mission. It's a really objective-focused format that keeps things going quickly at all times, but it loses a lot of the discovery and sense of scale that usually goes hand-in-hand with MMOs. Supposedly, ARKS Operatives research entire planets to eliminate the Falspawn, but you only see a few procedurally generated arenas every mission.

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