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This is one of the largest areas of change in the Evolution of Combat upgrade. In PvE combat we're rebalancing all NPCs from OSRS gold the game to suit players of equivalent level. For most NPCs, this usually means giving them magical attacks to situate them more clearly about the battle triangle. The majority of the monsters you fight over the game at this time utilize standard melee attacks only, and seldom involve the necessity to use something besides the very best weapon. All that will change as we will encourage you to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each monster (all shown very clearly on the combat side panel, wherever your stab/slash/crush/specific assault buttons used to be) and also to learn the best combat strategy and gear to use against them.

To further motivate everyone to resist creatures designed for their level, we are removing the Combat XP for fighting creatures more than 30 levels below you. Drops and Slayer XP will remain the same. As I mentioned previously, all NPCs are being rebalanced with this in mind. Since we do not have some top-end training creatures from the game (yet), players with a very large Combat level will discover that this 30 level range increased to 50 - at least until we release a few larger training dungeons! You'll still be able to train on animals which are much less successful than you, but training on things like stone crabs and cows will now only be capable of lower levels - as it should be. We'll be incorporating quicker and more numerous spawn points all around the game to manage the shift.

In PvP, modifications are much more obvious: with the battle triangle reworked and rebalanced; a huge number of skills to use; tactical decisions on when to utilize them; the Defence art strengthened with heals, deflects and other cool features; and much more life factors to prevent instadeaths. . .it's a very different experience, but that experience is far superior than the one we have already live. It's about real art and actual strategies, and I am certain that our PVP community is going to have great time mastering it, and finding new ways to utilize it we hadn't even considered.

Be courageous, but you should be traditional -- We've got a great game, and a fantastic bunch of people that play it. In reality, were getting near 200 million accounts being made! That is a huge number and - while we wish to generate an exciting, interesting new Combat experience - we do not wish to flip RuneScape into something that's unrecognisable to everyone.

First, the new battle skills are a development of the older special attack system. The most important difference is that you now have a range of Fundamental attacks to help make the adrenaline needed to use stronger abilities, rather than simply waiting to get a special attack bar to cheap RuneScape gold refill over time. At the same time that you'll kill fast in the event that you make use of the new mechanisms, you'll still accumulate adrenaline - and, as such, have access to Threshold and Ultimate abilities - if you would like to just sit back and auto-attack just as before.

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