Iden campaign launches official Animal Crossing: New Horizons yard signs from Megaomgchen's blog

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Impossible to say I began working on it about a month and a half ago and kept at it on and off bit by bit during that time. Still little pieces that I'm gonna keep working !

This is so cool! I really made Aeriths home from FFVII in Animal crossing (the area in the movie, furnishing is still in advance ) but want to make my next island Kingdom kisses themed

Animal Crossing's developers say the show'must continue to evolve'

I want villagers to say more than 4 lines. More interactivity together, such as quests, games, activities, experiences, taking them flights to new islands etc.. Imagine having a"game night" and every villager has different propensities for different games or they have stats which make them good in dexterity games or even believing games. How about consuming the things I put down be interactive, aka games, activities, etc? Fuck the game is simply SO BLAND. It's only making things fairly and nothing. Even the villagers suck, the repetitive"activities" suck, it's so dull. 50 hours I turned it off and never wanted to play again. Every game had evolved the formula already.

So my 60 year old daddy plays Animal Crossing with me. Now, he excitedly told me that Cheap Nook Miles Ticket the villagers were calling his dad. He thinks they love him , they think of him because their daddy.

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