I am well geared and at buy classic wow gold from rsgoldfast's blog

Wellthere are guilds which wow classic gold consist of casual players that play the game to have fun and performn'thave time so much more than raiding. We don't use a high amount of consumables, some folks aren't able to join raids every week and do not have BiS due being unlucky with drops etc.. Raid setup also depends upon who shows up not on what's best etc.. So yes, we really do need the gear.

They don't have BiS since they don't raid every week and there's 40 individuals to equip, not really to do with fortune.

It's simply not in the cards for a number people.

And I am having literally never overlooked a raid and still only 7/8 T2 without ever visiting an xbow drop. Meanwhile, my guild contains four Garr bindings and not a single Baron binding.

I am full tier two, fang of the faceless w/ +15 agil enchant in 1 hand. . .and a mirah's tune in another. :/ Bad luck on rolls, drops, and priors all the way through MC, BWL, and AQ40. It occurs.

I am well geared and at buy classic wow gold a great guild. For casuals who only PUG or chip off at content, the drip down crafted gear is a godsend.

. .then never .

My guild is probably just going to craft it all and then we'll bypass farming the venom sacs, we will see how that ends up.

Having your melee/casters piled with NR helps decrease the demand for sacs. We've been 1 phasing Visc and never utilizing sacs as a guild, but all our melee went in with as much NR equipment which they might bring.

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