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Whaling is not people who spend a ton of Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta money that they do not have. It is those who have a ridiculous disposable income that spend a crap ton of a game as they have no better use for their money. Their pockets are filled with cash like how a whale is full of meat when compared with some fish....

It is spending a ridiculous sum of money regardless of whether or not it's financially inconvenient for the person or perform this.

It is over that. Someone could fall $1k right now about the game, but when they aren't spending that buy PSO2 Meseta same money following month then they are not actually a whale. Whales always spend a ridiculous sum of money on the games and supply the vast majority of revenue for F2P games (or really any games using a CS). Like, who do you really think would be"spending the most money" (as /u/Erit_Of_Eastcris put it)? The man who fell $500 on the game? Or the man who continues to spend $150 on the game every month because it was on JP servers?

Need to disagree partly in that one. It can be true for a starting game or even a low population one, however when they hit a certain number of gamers the casual small spendings of many surpass the big ones of few whales No I don't. The only whales I have known personally in matches were wealthy. Like the rest of us, they spent quite a proportion of their income in their hobbies (in this case, games). Contrary to the rest of us, that percentage ends up being hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

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