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That you don't understand the idea of meta-creep should you hold this opinion. If a community consists of classic wow gold a couple hundred or fewer members, then perhaps your thought holds merit, however if there are a million+ people involved, it is inevitable that the most optimal approaches will climb to the top no matter any attempted neighborhood police.

It's the authority's role in this situation to regulate what those approaches are, and that's something blizzard has failed pathetically at since day 1.

It seems you fail to comprehend the significance of terms you use. It isn't ineptitude, it's their lack of desire to eliminate a particular portion of the profits simply because a salty redditorwants them to. After all, why do they take action if you lack the resolve to vote with your wallet?(

If pservers had the tools to ban butters, then does blizzard. There's no excuse. The issue is that Blizzard doesn't want to mywowgold wow classic gold spend money on man-power. They would like it to be totally automated, but just doesn't work.You always ignore the simple fact that they are banning bots. Their answer is indeed inefficient, not disputing that BUT comparing blizzard servers using pservers just isn't realistic.

Pservers had 15k online in precisely the exact same moment. I would say that competitions individual Classic servers. Each of these Classic servers has a participant base where every person pays every month.

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