But it's got a lot of Cheap Runescape gold from rsgoldfast's blog

I'd really like to really give it a chance or create an Ironman accounts for this, but I'd need to play with Ironman and OSRS gold also lose all of my loyalty points from OSRS membership that is like essential for mid-end game material together with the p2w stuff.

The sport is not broken. It has a couple of problems, but overall it is a fantastic game. I guess we could stop bots more. Maybe impose trade limits, where you can't give large excess amounts of value to accounts you haven't had added for 6months or so. That would do the job.

They tried something like this in'09, turns out it merely makes doing things far harder than it must be, the economy can't shift to reflect fact quickly enough, and people use crap that happens to get high value to bypass it.

I'll return the moment skilling is really viable as a money maker AND not hidden behind quests which have high combat requirements. Skillers as main money makers have been dead for years.

Makes me quite mad actually, I've been an osrs stan because 2015 but recently attempted rs3. It has a great deal going for it, the MTX is literally in every facet of the game sadly but it's got a lot of Cheap Runescape gold charm and fun for this.

If material and devs are focused on player retention and gaining new players as a result of absolute quality, that is a bloody good thing. I think Jagex already knew that OSRS would be the primary driver of profits with no cashcow mechanics, but are experimenting with all the RS3 playerbase.

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