This is a similar method to the last one from Megaomgchen's blog

LEVELS 33-37. Barb tailed kebbits. This method doesn't expect a noose wand. You'll be cutting down trees and OSRS gold making deadfall traps with logs. These traps may be put in specific locations near boulders. Similarly to the previous approach bring with you few bird snares since you will also be able to grab Crimson Swifts flying round the place.

LEVELS 37-43. Prickly Kebbits. This is a similar method to the last one but you can boost your exp rates should you have 32 Fletching. This won't only improve your exp gain since it's faster than dropping spikes but also might net decent gain.

LEVELS 43-60. Spotted Kebbits. To start off you will need to withdraw at least 1000 gold coins. Deposit any gloves, weapons and other items you can equip in your palms slot as you will need to have your hands free. Visit the Matthias outside Falconer area and rent from him Gyr Falcon to get 500 gold. Within this region, you might also collect spotted fur that's used to make spotted capes. Bring with you bonecrusher too, as it will automatically bury bones reducing your time spend picking items up.

LEVELS 60-67. Red Salamanders. Although to catch this kind of Salamander you require just 59 hunter it is advised to buy RS gold start this method from 60. On this level you will have the ability to set four cubes at a time dramatically increasing your exp gains. To get to this place you can use Lunar Spellbook spell Ourania Teleport (71 Magic) or Castle Wars teleport. Once you arrive near Castle Wars head north until you find lava filled location. You can grab Red Salamanders there by placing traps. Bring together 4 ropes and 4 fishing baits for traps and start hunting.

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