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Star Wars: The Old Republic has been online for some time now - nearly decade, the truth is - and mark the occasion the overall game is getting another expansion check resource.The new expansion, titled Legacy in the Sith, was announced in a very livestream last week. It's caused by add a combined additional story content, player rewards and new gameplay features.

"The war between Galactic Republic as well as the Sith Empire spreads to new worlds," the announcement post explains. "Dangerous fringe groups boost in the dark corners with the galaxy ​and Darth Malgus pursues a mystery plan... Unravel these mysteries and even more as your choices keep shape the galaxy."

It would be a time of unknown Jedi and Sith. There was no Yoda, the Skywalkers didn’t discover how to use a lightsaber, Obi Wan wasn’t our only hope. 3,600 years prior to a events from the Skywalker Saga began, there was two warring factions looking to take control on the galaxy. The Empire, controlled with the Sith as well as the Republic supported because of the Jedi fought on some with the most recognizable worlds inside the galaxy visit homepage. Tatooine, Alderaan, and Hoth a few each had their unique stories to express to interwoven into a tome that would forever shape how you see both MMOs and Star Wars. Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t canon towards the story as Disney/LucasFilm are creating it yet it's nonetheless a riveting, immersive, edge on the seat story that could resonate and supply enjoyment for a long period to come.

And if you’re into PVP, you'll find five maps for team-based PVP, and profiting in these allows players to enter Ranked PVP. Doing well in Ranked PVP allows players to have onto the SWTOR.COM leaderboard, which gets updated every 2 hours. And if you retain the top spots until the end on the season, you receive in-game rewards.

But what’s donrrrt forget to remember is that Star Wars the Old Republic is and try to will be a story-focused game click this web. Beginning in 3641 BBY, you're taking on the role of eight class stories across two factions, with four stories per faction. And these are widely considered the most beneficial stories in the experience.

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