What's Up With All Of These Little Girls Getting Pregnant from licy's blog

This is the year 2012, there are condoms on every corner. You can get free condoms at your local Region of Health centre Wholesale Cigarettes For Sale. Usually located in the City Hall or Regional Muncipality Buildings. You don't even have to talk to anyone. They will usually have a descrete basket filled with brown paper bags,set off to the side. You can just walk in and grab a couple bags and no one will say a word. The Brown Bag Contians an assortment of Condoms and Lube Packs. If you have any questions about sexy or birth control you can talk to the receptionist and she will get you in to see a doctor. So NO more of this nosense!!! Baby's are forever and they get bigger and they need more and more FOREVER. You are responsible for how that beautiful little Baby turns out. That is a huge responsiblity that shouldn't be entered into willy-nilly. Every chils deserves a chance at a good life, including you! "|But MOOOOM, Sally has that pair and if I don't get that pair only a different colour before everyone else then there may not be a colour to get!!!! Mom I need these shoes!" She demands as she stomps her foot taking her stand. These poor girls, you have tunnel vision. all you are seeing is that you are going to have this cute little baby to make you feel special. It's your baby so it has too love you, right? A Baby is not an accessory! Do you know what It's going to be like? Oh look at me look at me I'm a cool Pregnant15 year old. That's all fine and good till the morning sickness starts. and you guys are doing it on purpose. those kids could live for weeks off of our garbage. I truly wish I could help them. The first thing I would do is teach everyone about birth control. When you have no food and no money you don't have babies. Now I completely realize that it is probably out of some of their control. But information is the key. You know it's too bad that I'm that I'm not a 50 millionaire or a billionaire like Mr. DONALD TRUMP. I by the way Mr. Trump why didn't you run for president? I know it's a bit a pay cut and you have all of your businesses to run. But seriously let's just say what everyone has been thinking. you would literally kick some royal ass if your were president. i think they should give up with all the other bullshit that's NOT WORKING and just let you turn the world into a large corporation with you as CEO. The world would run like a well oiled machine Cigarettes Online Usa Only. With your money and power and influence, you could save the world. Now that would be something to put on a business card: Mr. Donald Trump - CEO - The World with the Tag Line: I saved the planet from Nuclear Destruction | Cured World Hunger Created World Peace | Invented The World Trade Agreement No one would be dying in needless wars brought on by sick and sadistic dictators with selfish interests. You wouldn't need nuclear missiles any more at least until the aliens get tired of playing their human video games. I got it!!! It'll be ALEIN SURVIVOR EARTH chuckle i can just see it The Aliens abduct Jeff Proust and Make him host a ALIEN SURVIVOR EARTH Where 36 aliens are beamed to earth. They have to blend in with normal humans with out being detected. My life feels like an Avatar in a vIdeo game and In Alien version of Earth Tycoon. Where somewhere in the universe. like on "American Dad". Wearing the old fashioned style of Gas Station Coveralls With their names sewen on their breast pocket. In my dreams I see them sitting in their Cool high tech Spaceship relaxin Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online, CHILLIN :) Chuck(Cheech) is on his ALIEN THINK PAD telling his ALL of his FACEBOOK, TWITTER AND MYSPACE fOLLOWERS, FREINDS AND buddies that he's gonna be on Survivor Earth and that they'd better watch Wholesale Usa Cigarettes. While Charlie(Chong) Yeah right I'll tell you you had better hope they're nice aliens. because if they were smart enough to build an aircraft that's advances and stealth enough to come to our planet. no… toys as far as the Aliens are concerned: "Something that their five year olds would play with." Earth is a joke we could never defend ourselves against a true Alien threat. I would love to be able to think we would. But they are too many unprepared people, and not enough that are. I'm sure they're already here! I'll tell you when that happens there is only one of two people i want to be: A: The first one killed, B: The HERO that saves the world. I choose the LATER MUCH more fun to be a HERO then DEAD. lol Actually, the way I think the world is going to go is more along the lines BIO-TERRORISM basically along the same lines of "Return of the Living DEAD!!!" And who's prepared for Zombies Anyway? .'What ya doing there BOB? Oh hi Ron Why,I'm just Zombie proofing my ." They'd lock you up!!! But you just know some stupid idiot that hasn't thought anything through is going to release something either into our air or food Cigarettes For Sale Wholesale. I'm sure they'll say they did it for the greater good!!
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