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 Depending on which type of kitchen cabinets you buy (stock, custom, rta), it can take anywhere from 2 weeks for delivery up to several months.. The longer the project drags on, the more intrusive it will be on the rest of your life. Poor planning and scheduling can turn a 3-4 week project into a 3-4 month disaster.
Just like anything else in life, you always have to plan for the inevitable. If you are butting heads with your contractor, it is only going to delay the process even further and may affect the quality of the work.. Almost every renovation project is going to have some impact on your daily activites while the construction is going on, but the kitchen may have the greatest impact. By having a good attitude and rolling with the punches, it will create a positive atmosphere on the job site and will help the project run smoothly. Kitchen cabinets will by far have the biggest impact.
By having an open dialogue between the contractors and sub-contractors, it will prevent small problems from turning into big problems. get the project completed as fast as possible without sacrificing quality.. If a completion date is not established, the contractor or builder is going to focus on his bottom line. So how do you avoid delays and help expedite the renovation project? I have outlined some of the key points to make sure that everything is moving along on schedule. 3) Effective communication with your contractors and sub-contractors- Inevitably during the remodeling project problems are going to arise, and things will need to be changed. If he needs to pull people away from your project for another, he might just do that. . Since the kitchen is usually the hub of any home, and where all of the meals are prepared, to be without a sink, stove, and refrigerator for weeks at a time is enough to leave any family angry and frustrated.
 It is also important to make sure that your contractor or builder is comfortable working with the materials that you chose..Proper planning is important with any remodeling project, but it is especially important when it comes to a kitchen renovation. Every change you make to the project will have a ripple effect on the rest of the project. This will also give you a buffer for any unexpected problems, such PVC Decorative UV Varnish as damages or missing pieces. 1) Establishing a time line with your builder or remodeler- make sure this is spelled out in writing with clauses for the project not being completed on-time.
By establishing a clear cut finish date, it will force him or her to plan their time wisely. Without the cabinets, the rest of the kitchen can't even be started (countertops can't be installed, walls can't be finished, etc), so if you don't schedule your materials to be there a head of time you are just setting yourself up for disaster. if they are not familiar with the installation process it could slow down your project or lead to unexpected problems down the road. 5) Have patience- as I mentioned before, it is going to be a stressful process. Give yourself at least an extra two weeks to inspect the cabinets and make any adjustments if needed. if you make a change to the design, you have to anticipate that it will change your time line.

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